The power of planning


In the Healthiest Year Yet Challenge, we are diving into the power of planning. 

Why is planning so key to the change process? 

Because it allows you to make decisions about how you want to live your life when your head is clear and your vision is strong. 

Because it helps you get out of reaction mode and into a space of making conscious choice. 

Because decision fatigue is a VERY REAL THING and making less decisions in the day is a very kind thing to do for your brain. 

Because time is a limited resource – you only get so much.  

So do you want to spend the precious little time you have here being blown around by life, or do you want to make the most of it by living in alignment with the things you say you want?  

Because planning helps us to stay in integrity with ourselves. 

Do make a solid plan for how you want to show up each day based on your values and standards for your life? 

More importantly, do you follow through with your plans? 

The next lesson inside the challenge is all about the practice of follow-through. Click here to sign up (for free) and join us. No Monday or New Year required!


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