Power Years

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Take center stage in your life and make your second act even better than the first.

Power Years Private Coaching Packages with Courtney Townley for women in the midlife arena ready to step out rather than fade out...

Is that you?

You can feel it in your bones: midlife is trying to shake you awake.

and you want to wake up, so you can step into your best years.

You really do! but…

You’re convinced that you’re “past your prime”. Those years have gone and getting them back means…

…waging war with your newly slowed metabolism…
…fighting to fit in the jeans you wore in college…
…forcing yourself into 6 am bootcamps 7 days a week…
…ditching rest, doing it all, and chewing on celery sticks…

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Meanwhile life outside of your “health goals” looks like:

  • The career you’ve worked so hard to build no longer feels fulfilling, energizing, or like something worthwhile.

  • Relationships with others are in serious need of mending (including the one you have with yourself).

  • Lacking confidence to go after the things that really light your heart on fire…even though you’re “doing good” on paper.

  • Being too exhausted to really enjoy life—time with your family, vacations, hobbies. All of it just feels like “too much”.

With all the exhaustion, life stressors, AND depleted hormone-store that comes with midlife, it’s easy to view your body as the problem.

Hear me now, incredible woman—your body is NOT what’s standing in the way of completely owning your second act (that is, middle age).

I’m about to crack that paradigm wide open and tell you what’s actually possible for you. (And, it goes waaaay beyond your body. )

Myth Busting

But first, allow me to bust a few big ugly myths you've been sold about health, wellness, & vitality in middle age.

So, you just picked up another book on Keto? Bought another box of “anti-inflammatory skinny tea” you saw on Dr. Oz? Listen, we live in the information age. Access to research, prescribed diets, tools, tactics, etc. is likely not an issue for you. In fact, I’d be willing to bet you’ve got a couple of dieting books on a shelf collecting dust next to your shake weight.

The real truth

The problem is NOT that you don’t have enough information on health and wellness. The problem is that you have too much of it. And, generally speaking, much of the common wisdom that’s touted about diet, fitness, and wellness does NOT cater to the midlife woman.

Instead, its focus is to lure you in with promises of a smaller waistline, while ignoring the fact that any changes you make will not be sustainable if every other issue in your life (like your stress management, emotional agility, and chemistry) go unaddressed.

So, no, you don’t need more information—you need the right information and strategies tailored to you and your unique needs. Put differently, you need to learn how to honor your amazing body and treat it with the love and care it deserves.

What if you could completely rewrite your health story?

What if you could stop judging your body and start honoring it with the care it has always deserved (regardless of its size)?

What if you were able to keep the promises you make to yourself?

What if you could line up your actions with what it is you say you really want for your life?

Imagine how differently your life would feel if…

  • Your boundaries and relationships improved because you (finally) learned how to take radical responsibility for how you are showing up.
  • You felt at home in your body and your life, rather than feeling like you were living the way someone else prescribed for you.
  • You started taking action toward the goals that light your heart on fire!
  • You learned to set your life up to support true health and wellness so you can enjoy a damn vacation (without stressing about your “beach body”).
  • You honored yourself body, mind, and soul by getting what you truly need to feel flippin’ AMAZING inside and out.

It's all possible, incredible woman.
I'm about to tell you how.

In just a sec I’m gonna give you a peek at how, together, we’ll make sure the best years of your life are ahead of you (not behind you).

But a quick note as you head into your new, powerful reality.

This work will require effort (something I know you’re not afraid of). It’ll gently challenge you and nudge you toward shedding everything that is weighing you down and, you already know I don’t just mean losing weight.

You can stay on the edge of the precipice for the rest of your life wishing and hoping and “some-day-ing” or you can decide here and now to lean in and do the work required to make your second half, your best half.

Are you completely thrilled to dive in yet?

Awesome. Lemme show you how it works!


The Power Years is designed to accelerate your journey into midlife mastery.

You’ll be playing a whole new game as you get weekly coaching, resources, and that loving push to step into your second act like a powerhouse. does it work?

Let me show you.

  • Submit an application to work with me 1:1.

  • Once accepted you’ll select either a 6-Session package (“The Renovation Package”) OR a 12-Session package (“The Creation Package”).

  • Each session of your package is 60 minutes of pinpointed coaching, strategy, and education that’s 100% tailored to your goals, what your body needs, and what you want to achieve.

  • We start each session by celebrating your wins (AKA where you RISE). Then, we get clear on your rumbles (AKA where there’s opportunity for massive expansion).

  • I will teach you specific skill sets for working through your rumbles.

  • You will leave each session with clear actions steps to work on between sessions and accountability from me in between to help keep you focused.

Every coaching package is completely custom and tailored to your needs, but here’s the general structure week-by-week.

You can’t put your best years ahead of you by hiding the truth of your life. Nope. Your best years are going to require that you lift the rug and look at all the things you have been sweeping underneath.

In this session, I will challenge you to get radically real with yourself about what is currently working for you right now and what isn’t. In other words, I will help you identify the gaps between how you are currently showing up in your life and how you want to be showing up in your life.

If that sounds a little scary, not to worry! This is a safe and confidential space. I’m NOT here to criticize or scold you…you’re an adult after all! I’m here to lovingly shed light on all the ways your power could potentially leak from its vessel (that’s you!) so we can address it and move forward.

Now, if you’re looking to dive deeper and really make that “wow she’s owning it” shift, you might consider…

This package includes all of the Renovation Package sessions PLUS an additional 6 sessions of coaching to go deeper into your personal rumbles.

Once we’ve renovated and knocked down the barriers between you and your best years, now we get to work creating the life you want most.

Down to the last detail.

The work we’ll do in Creation is purposely “unscripted” which allows for all of the rumbles that we tackled in the Renovation phase to be addressed with as much or little granularity as needed.

With the Creation Package you get a total of 12 sessions of coaching with me where EXPANSION is the name of the game.

And expansion happens in the daily use of everything you’ve learned thus far. But, you might need a little continued support to do it.

That’s where The Creation Package really comes into play—in helping you dig deeper where needed, honor the promises you’ve made to yourself, and follow the roadmap you laid out in The Renovation Phase even in the face of inevitable setbacks.

Here’s EVERYTHING you get in your Power Years Coaching Package

  • 6-12 x 60-minute coaching calls with me focused on learning specific skill sets that will help you generate, protect, embrace and step into your power.
  • FREE Bonus Access to the Rumble & Rise membership for as long as we work privately together. This resource is packed with valuable lessons and support materials that will help you make the most out of our time together.
  • Recordings of all of our sessions, so you can listen to replays as many times as you like.
  • Accelerated growth and momentum toward owning your midlife journey.
  • Homework after each session to guide your efforts outside of our calls.
    Increased accountability and support in mastering self-leadership in your wellness goals.

Expect results like...

  • Deep understanding of a 4-part framework that you can reuse time and time again to uplevel your life.
  • Making peace with your body. That is, trusting your body to tell you what it needs and knowing how to provide that.
  • Depending on your focus, changes in weight are common. Whether you set a goal to lose some or put on more—your physique will likely shift.
  • A deeply healed relationship with your body. Be able to support its needs and appreciate how it carries you through life.
  • Confidence that your best years will be ahead of you.
  • Trust that you will show up to do the work that you have called yourself to do.
  • Skill sets you can use to empower yourself across every dimension of your life.
  • Increased willingness to go after the things you truly want to create.

How do I know if Power Years is right for me?

Power Years is NOT for women who...

  • …want to focus only on weight loss. IF losing weight is a part of healing your relationship with your body, then that’s wonderful. But, be prepared and excited to see where else you’re learning will take you.

  • …aren’t ready to lean into a little discomfort. Now, we’re not talking about all out suffering here, but part of making real change is inevitably a little uncomfortable.

  • …are looking for “silver bullets”, “magic pills”, or crash diets. You’ll be guided in nutrition and exercise but be ready to dive into the real underlying reasons you’re not feeling as vital as you want to and make actual, sustained progress toward a better life—in all areas.

Power Years is PERFECT for women who are...

  • …burnt out with typical wellness and weight loss-focused diets and programs. There’s nothing typical about the work we’ll do In Power Years—just extraordinary learning and results.

  • …looking for a revolutionary approach to leading the life they really desire—from better relationships, more time spent on things they really love, to having energy, boundaries, and vitality to achieve it all.

  • …ready to go all in on themselves in middle age (and beyond)!

Meet your coach!

Hi, I’m Courtney Townley, mover, Shaker, & Midlife Queen Maker, here to help you put your best years ahead of you and fully shift the conversation around female health in middle age.

I’m a certified health and life coach, and I’ve got some pretty strong beliefs about health, wellness, and vitality in midlife. They go a little something like this…

These years are perhaps the most important (and often, stressful) juncture you will ever cross in your lifetime. AND coincidentally, it’s a time when you have the least amount of hormones and natural resilience to back you up!

While that might sound like a problem, I actually see it as a powerful invitation.

Because really, it helps you shift your perspective and get brutally honest about what works, what’s no longer serving you, and what you actually need to lead a life of wellness and vitality.

And what you need most at this point in your life is NOT…

…another prescribed diet that promises to make you smaller (but really just perpetuates the notion that your body is a problem)...

…to look like a 23 year-old supermodel (feeling good in your skin is great! But, not at the cost of your mental or physical health)...

…more reasons that your body is a hindrance in the pursuit of a life you love (your body has supported you through everything thus far—it’s time you treat it with the respect and love it deserves).

Courtney Townley - coral and pink
What you DO need is the support to FINALLY end the war you’ve been waging against your body and step into a life you’re completely on fire for.

That means owning your part in creating health and vitality in your day-to-day; keeping the promises you make to yourself; and, unapologetically loving yourself.

IT IS TIME, dear woman.

  • Time to stop playing small.
  • Time to start believing in your own damn self.
  • Time to start leading your own damn life.

With the methods and approach I use in Power Years, I’ve helped hundreds of women take serious command of their health and lives in their second act.

I would LOVE to do that for you, too.


And with that, incredible woman, I have just one final question:

Are you ready to finally be at peace with who you are and what you want for this life?

Are you ready to show up for yourself, not just when the mood strikes, but… EVERY.SINGLE.DAY?

“I don’t know” is not an answer. And really, you do know… Just follow that pull in your heart.

The one telling you to take command and show up boldly, proudly, and unapologetically in midlife.

You with me?

It's time for you to take center stage in your life.

Got questions about Power Years?

I've got answers!

This program is designed for one session each week. However, if your needs call for different pacing, you have up to 6 months to use your Renovation Package sessions OR up to 12 months for your Creation Package sessions.

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