Year Yet Challenge!

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There is no arguing that the past few years have been doozies!

The Covid years were a stark reminder that health is our most precious asset, but ...

Navigating the vast sea of wellness advice available in this day in age can feel downright overwhelming and exhausting.

The Healthiest Year Yet Challenge was developed to help you bring simplicity, ease, and joy back to your process so you can stop spinning your wheels.

If you are ready to ditch complicated measures (that you can never seem to sustain anyway)...

If you are ready to develop resilience from cell to soul, so you can show up powerfully for the things you deeply care about...

If you are ready to lead yourself confidently in the health arena and beyond...

This five-day event is held LIVE once a year but you can get instant access right now!

This Challenge will help you to:

  • Completely reframe the way you have been thinking about health and well-being so you can show up for yourself on the regular (not just when the mood strikes).
  • Choose strategies that honor how sustainable habit change REALLY works in the brain, so you can end the madness of feeling like you are always "starting over".
  • Develop a mindset that gets you back on track FAST when life throws you a curveball (because let’s face it, life throws a lot of curveballs)

Included in the event:

  1. Daily Video Lessons - stored in an online classroom for you to access at any time during the event.
  2. A Companion Guide - so you can keep track of what you are learning and get access to additional resources relevant to the daily lessons
  3. Additional Resources - the option to join me to receive additional support and education to help you uplevel your own health journey, including monthly tools, tips, and resources.

Let me help you make this your Healthiest Year Yet!

Courtney Townley of Grace and Grit - wearing a black suit and coral shirt, she has her hands on her hips and is laughing while looking up
Meet Courtney Townley!

Courtney Townley is a mid-life wellness pioneer, coach, host of the top-rated podcast Grace & Grit, and creator of The Consistency Code.

Through her show, members-only community, 1-1 work, and programs, she helps women entering their mid-life season embrace it as their Power Years — a.k.a. their time to step out rather than fade out. For more from Courtney and to learn more about her approach and community, stop by

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