Dearest woman: your second act begins now.

Unlock your true power, and join the midlife wellness revolution inside


It’s time to ditch tired health advice and lead ourselves with more power, more grace, and more grit.

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You in?

The Rumble & Rise Membership Arena

A one-of-a-kind incubator of education, support, and inspiration for women who are ready to lead themselves more confidently through their second act than they did their first one.


The Rumble & Rise Membership has been critical to realigning my mindset and accomplishing goals in several areas of my life.

- Dr. Celestine Arambulo

🛑 Hold up! Put down your old copy of “The South Beach Diet”

 (you’ve already read it 10 times anyway…)

And, let’s be real, you’ve only picked it up again because it’s early in a new year and you feel like you just have to lose that same 15 pounds you’ve been fighting for years.

Contrary to what popular culture, authors of fad diet books, and gym bros on Instagram have conditioned you to believe…

…your life’s work is NOT to obsessively worry about your weight or how you look when you put on that swimsuit. 

Phew. Breath.


It’s a revolutionary idea, I know.

But revolution in the wellness space is kiiiiind of our thing here. Stick around, it’s gonna start to rub off, I promise.

Let me guess…you’re kind of in agreement with me here, but you’ve still got that lingering fear that if your jeans get too tight everything will fall apart.

‘Cause as long as you stay at “X” number on the scale you’re sure that you’re “healthy” and everything is “just fine”. Right?

It’s a heavy burden to carry and keeps you stuck in the cycle of:

  • Spending 7 days on a juice cleanse (you lost those 5 pounds last time! But they eventually came back and then some…)

  • Signing up for a 5 am boot camp with Todd the Trainer who has zero understanding of what it’s like to be on the verge—or smack dab in the middle—of menopause (at least he’s kind of cute to look at right?)

  • Obsessing about how the heck you’ll ever get back to your pre-baby weight (even though your daughter is 16).

  • Worrying so much about how you’ll look in a swimsuit that you ruin your family vacation (and seriously consider burning any photos you took).

Dearest woman reading this: all of that 👆 is a recipe for:

  • Constant frustration that you’re “not making progress”
  • Diminishing trust in your amazing, powerful body
  • Constantly feeling behind, fatigued, and “not enough”
  • Spending so much time focused on your body, you forget to live your life the way YOU want to.

You’re ready for a better path to wellness.

Here’s what that ACTUALLY looks like:

  • Feeling confident making informed and empowered decisions about what’s best for your well-being instead of just following the rules from the latest diet book you bought on Amazon.

  • Putting your head on the pillow each night feeling proud and peaceful about how you showed up for yourself. From your nutrition to your fitness, to your essential rest, you know how to be consistent and it feels so, sooo good.

  • Taking responsibility for parenting your brain. This is what makes you a kinder, solution-oriented human who makes self-honoring choices instead of wasting time in self-loathing while numbing out on Netflix and salt & pepper Kettle chips.

  • Inviting all of your emotions to the table rather than cherry-picking the feel-good ones. That way, you stop resisting, numbing, or denying what’s really going on. You stop fearing life and start living it.

THIS 👆 is what you’re life is meant to feel like. Rumble & Rise can get you there.

"I finally feel like I'm treating my body how it deserves.

I considered myself already pretty healthy and self-aware, but I joined Rumble and Rise to really up-level my commitment to self-care and health.

I wanted to go from feeling my actions/mindset around wellness were "pretty good" to feeling 100% empowered and aligned.

Courtney's habit and mindset tools have translated to all areas of my life—not only in health and wellness but also supported my career and parenting journeys.

Courtney is a generous and fierce advocate for living life fully. She is a gifted coach who will challenge you to grow and support you with a myriad of practical tips and tools."

- Sarah Louise Lilly

You’re about to love who you are so deeply that maintaining healthy habits, self-care, and vitality feels like second nature.

(And you’ll never have to consider another ineffective diet or extreme workout ever again.)

And if you’re like, “Yeah freaking right, Courtney. Prove it.”

Then keep reading. 


Because I’m about to give you a peek behind the curtain at the revolutionary approach that transforms Rumble & Rise members from burnt-out and frustrated in midlife to powerhouse women owning their second act. 

The magic behind members’ success all comes down to:

The 4 Core Skills Areas of Midlife Wellness Mastery

Chemistry. Strategy. Thought Management. Emotional Agility


The REAL reason you’ve struggled all this time is that, for most of your life, you’ve been taught that health is just about your body. But that’s simply NOT TRUE.

You are an amazingly complex human, your body is NOT the problem, it’s simply one miraculous piece of your wellness spectrum. 

And if you (like most of us) have spent years fighting with your body (to look a certain way AND to get you through your giant to-do list every day), then you’re likely experiencing serious issues in all of the 4 Core Skill Areas. 
Here’s what those issues look like in each area:
Chemistry. If you have spent years putting everyone's needs ahead of your own, your chemistry is probably jacked. Metabolism, hormones, activity, nutrition all play into your chemistry, and—to complicate matters further—once you hit middle age things change! 

Learning how to work with your body’s unique chemistry (instead of fighting it) at this stage and every stage is what helps you make and sustain physical progress. 


Strategy: Trying to implement a strategy that overwhelms your brain or having no strategy whatsoever will keep pulling you back to square one. What works for a 20-year-old influencer with no kids is likely not what will suit your needs. 

Learn what works for YOU and how to do it consistently. 


Thought Management: You have a habit of thinking thoughts that are not at all useful to achieving the level of well-being you crave. Most of us get stuck in unhelpful thought patterns, but learning to manage them, find your truth, and discard the rest keeps you from self-sabotage. 


Emotional Agility. You try to manage your emotional landscape with things that deplete your health rather than nourish it. Things like avoiding “negative” emotions, numbing out with food or drinks, and reaching for your phone to zone out instead of spending mindful time at rest. 

Mastering all of the above? THAT is the secret sauce. It’s what makes everything you’re after in life, health, career, family…everywhere come together.

BUT, it’s no simple feat!

That’s why the Rumble & Rise Membership Arena is packed with everything you’ll need to master ALL of the key areas of midlife wellness (instead of staying stuck thinking your body is the problem).

You ready to see how it all comes together?

I thought so. Keep reading.

What's included?

Here is everything you get access to as a Rumble & Rise Member:

Rumble & Rise is a complete guide to your wellness AND, like our knowledge of the 4 Core Skill Areas, it’s ever-growing.

That’s why every member gets a new member orientation. Consider this your jumping-off point to targeting the what, where, and when of your Rumble & Rise process.

The orientation ensures you know exactly what to focus your attention on for your specific interests and goals and that you know where to find it.

This is delivered as a group session every month, so new members always have the chance to get their orientation!

Timezone worries?

“But what if I’m in a different time zone than you, Courtney?
Can I still attend live masterclasses and coaching sessions?”

Easy answer: YES! Every month you’ll see a posted schedule of live sessions and masterclasses so you can plan accordingly. AND the time of sessions will vary each month.

Rumble & Rise is home to powerhouse women all over the world and I do everything I can to cater to different time zones.

Plus! You get email updates straight to your inbox every week so you always know what’s happening and when.

Rumble & Rise is designed to get you maximum results by combining three key components of success.

Group support and access to master-level coaching combined with everything you’ll learn from my library of masterclasses and resources is TRULY the trifecta of success—so when you come up have top-level support to keep you on track.


The value of the materials alone inside Rumble & Rise is well over $10,000.

But you’ll pay only a fraction of that to join.

There are two ways to become a Rumble & Rise member.

Monthly Membership

Pay-as-you-go and cancel at any time for $97 per month.

Annual Membership

Pay all at once and save almost 50%!

Annual membership is a one-time payment of $590 (which comes out to just $49 per month).

PS: Don’t delay! Doors to Rumble & Rise close soon and won’t open up again for a while.
So, if you’re feeling like, “wow this is sooo what I need! ”, now’s the time.

Free Bonus

When you join Rumble & Rise, you’ll get instant access to my high-impact bonus “The Consistency Code.”

$2,000 value

With all of the amazing resources you’ll have at your fingertips, you might be wondering, “how the hell do I stay consistent with all of it???”

In just 4 self-paced modules, the Consistency Code will set you up for success in everything else you’ll do inside Rumble & Rise and you’ll develop a sturdy foundation of consistency as you start your journey.


Here’s a peek under the hood:

This class usually sells on its own for $2,000, but it’s so important to your success inside Rumble & Rise, I’m giving you instant access, absolutely FREE.

For just $49/month (when you purchase the annual membership)

💥 NEW 💥 Add The Power Pack

Add The Power Pack to your annual membership and seriously accelerate your growth with 4 private coaching sessions!

Get ultra-tailored advice and guidance for fueling, protecting, generating, and completely owning your power as you start your Rumble & Rise Journey.

Use your 4 private coaching sessions whenever you want to!

Want to accelerate your growth in the first month? Use ‘em all!

OR Space them out to use as you come up against roadblocks so you can rise through the rumbles.

I’ll be there to support you in a way that’s completely tailored to your chemistry and strategy!

Total Cost: only $1699

* Payment plans for your Power Pack are available upon request!

As a reminder here’s everything you get inside Rumble & Rise:

  • New member orientation

  • 2 LIVE monthly coaching calls with me

  • Live masterclasses every month

  • 💥NEW THIS YEAR💥 Basecamp with Heather

  • Rolling monthly challenges & prizes

  • Access to the Rumble & Rise Facebook Community

  • Bonus Guides, Cheat Sheets, Worksheets, and Reference Materials

  • Bonus calls each month based on group needs

  • Access to the masterclass vault (over 40 pre-recorded classes)

  • A monthly private podcast for on-the-go learning

  • Accountability to keep your motivation from running dry

  • PLUS this amazing bonus: The Consistency Code

    Begin your journey inside Rumble & Rise with The Consistency Code which helps you to establish 4 key practices for staying consistent. Because knowing your strategy and learning how to keep moving forward no matter the rumbles that come up is the game changer!

    This also includes Monthly Consistency Code-focused calls, because developing your skill sets of consistency is a long-term journey!

    No extreme measures required. Just support in helping you stay consistent as you learn to relate to yourself as a friend, a priority, and a leader.

The Waitlist

"The sexiest thing Courtney has ever said to me:

‘There is a magic pill. It’s one you must swallow every day for success. It’s called consistency.’

She shows you exactly how to do it in The Consistency Code - which, by the way, is alone worth the price of entry into The Rumble & Rise Arena."

- Kristan Braziel

"I strongly recommend Courtney’s Rumble & Rise program to any woman who wants to start becoming their best self!

She has helped me increase my self-confidence by providing all kinds of resources and encouragement.

Rumble and Rise offers programs to help you build good habits, have private/group coaching calls, Workouts, Recipes, Mindset work, Masterclasses, Podcasts, and more.”

- Nancy

Hi! I am Courtney Townley.

Over the course of a 20-year career in the wellness industry, here’s what I know to be true.

- Your life's purpose is not to lose the same 10 lbs over and over again.
- Diet and exercise aren’t the problem. It’s that you keep breaking promises you make to yourself.
- Improving health looks different for every woman but the fundamentals are the same.
- Your ability to regulate your emotions in ways that promote your well-being rather than deplete it is a really big deal when it comes to your health.
- There is a big difference between looking healthy and being healthy.
- You will show up more consistently for the things you care about.
- Your healthiest years won’t come to fruition by chasing a past version of yourself.

My mission is to help as many midlife women as I can feel at peace about how they show up in their lives.

And that’s why I created Rumble & Rise. It’s an exclusive membership designed to help you take better care of yourself with more consistency and ease.

And you’re invited to join us inside the arena.

Life is going to keep pressing on whether you decide to change or not.

But you have a choice about the quality of that life and it’s time to make a different choice, a better choice.

Your second act is about to be your best act.

You’re ready. We’re here. Let’s do this.

- Courtney

For just $49/month (when you purchase the annual membership)

"I was in a space of feeling like I was spinning my wheels— trying to juggle new motherhood, a career, home/family life, and never feeling ‘good enough’. I was emotionally and physically exhausted at the end of every day, and not sure why or how to fix it.

I joined Rumble and Rise because I was ready to take my personal development to the next level.

I'm finding myself more focused, energized, and motivated in all areas of my life. I know the changes I'm seeing are for the long term because I've put in the work and realize this will be a life long practice and not a quick fix. Amazing new content/material each week and coaching calls and bonus workshops that make the monthly fee well worth the cost."

- Shannon Cronin

Rumble & Rise is made-in-heaven-PERFECT- match for women…

  • …who are burned out with typical wellness and weight loss-focused diets and programs. There’s nothing typical about what you’ll find inside Rumble & Rise—just extraordinary learning and results.

  • …looking for a revolutionary approach to leading the life they really desire—from better relationships and more time spent on things they really love, to having energy, boundaries, and vitality to achieve it all.

  • …ready to go all in on themselves in middle age (and beyond)!

Rumble & Rise is NOT for women who…

  • …want to focus ONLY on weight loss. IF losing weight is a part of healing your relationship with your body, then that’s wonderful. But, be prepared and excited to see where else you’re learning will take you.

  • … aren’t ready to lean into a little discomfort. Now, we’re not talking about all out suffering here, but part of making real change is inevitably a little uncomfortable.

  • …are looking for “silver bullets”, “magic pills”, or crash diets. You’ll be guided in nutrition and exercise but be ready to dive into the real underlying reasons you’re not feeling as vital as you want to and make actual, sustained progress toward a better life—in all areas.


The Rumble & Rise membership is a beautiful community where you can share intimate thoughts and emotions you may be “rumbling” with during the change process without feeling an ounce of shame.

The content of the masterclasses in incredibly empowering and I always leave the coaching calls with a renewed sense of self-leadership.

- Kelsey Nevins

A Woman of Grace & Grit: Mardi Wooster

I really never have felt better, and I mean that knowing very well that I don’t know what’s happening next, or when the next rumble will arrive! Courtney really is an amazing coach, creating structure and tools for our self-empowerment!

She guides women back to alignment so well! And as someone who is often overwhelmed with choices about what to read, who to listen to… her recommendations have been so so useful! Life is so much better since joining Rumble & Rise! Thank you!!!

- Mardi Wooster

Imagine moving through your month knowing…

  • You don’t have to impulsively click every blog post that promises you’ll “lose 10 pounds by summer”.


  • You can politely nod and ignore when your friend shares their newest juice cleanse craze (‘cause you know you’re building consistent, lifelong health habits instead).


  • You know how to keep the promises you’ve made to yourself.
  • You have an expert coach ready to help you deal with all the stuff that will surely arise when you start to shed the old rules and habits that have kept you judging your body, shutting off your feelings, and looking for external validation.


  • You are part of a community of women who are DONE trying to return to a past version of themselves. They’re committed to putting their healthiest years ahead of them.

Together we normalize the rumbles and celebrate the rises. You in?

 Got questions?

I've got answers!

No…sort of.

Weight loss is often a byproduct of the work women do in Rumble & Rise.

Inside, you’ll learn how to do more of what you want to be doing for yourself and your health with more consistency. And, you’ll have heaps of resources to guide you.

Over HALF of our members have been in Rumble & Rise since its inception in 2020! Hear from them why they love it.

"I ‘knew’ a lot of what I needed to do, but was struggling with barriers to doing them consistently. Joining Rumble & Rise has made all the difference.

Courtney provides a safe space to share struggles and receive support in dealing with them!

Whether I am receiving direct input from Courtney or just listening to her feedback with others in the group, I have found Courtney & the group to be a wealth of information and support!

Courtney encourages the development of ‘self-leadership’ rather than promoting dependency on her as the ‘expert.’”

- Mary Lynn Hammond


I decided to join Rumble & Rise when I was feeling very overwhelmed with my life. My "go-to" when I'm feeling overwhelmed is to get very caught up in negative thoughts about my body and I was getting tired of that same thought process leading nowhere. Courtney (and this community) taught me different ways of managing my overwhelm that were positive, constructive, and beneficial. Now when I'm overwhelmed and go to my familiar, unhelpful thoughts and behaviors, I have tools to help get me out of that space more quickly... BIG WIN!!

I highly recommend Courtney and the Rumble & Rise community because you will be supported, and connected and learn so many things that will help you find balance in your life. Courtney has created a community of women who truly care about each other. We celebrate each other's wins and support each other in our rumbles. By being in this community, I feel connected to women around the world who are going through many of the same things that I am. I am so grateful to have found this community!

- Claire Shultz Bergman


I joined Rumble and Rise in 2020 after hearing Courtney speak on a friend’s podcast and following her for many months. I decided I needed more than just the podcast and really wanted to be part of a community of women who I resonated with and could learn from.

In the time I’ve been a part of this group I’ve learned so much about myself, my mindset, and my physical body. I’ve changed old patterns and continue to grow in ways I couldn’t have done without this group. I’ve learned from other wellness professionals Courtney has introduced and from other members in the community.

I truly look forward to the times I can be on a live call and see the faces of women I’ve grown with. Anyone looking to grow, change, connect or just be curious should truly give this group a try! I’ve been so inspired that I’m now working on some new avenues in the health and wellness field for my own path to hopefully be able to inspire others!

- Kristen Stevens


There is something for EVERY woman inside of Rumble & Rise. The experience of being a member has been truly life-changing for me.

- Calli Thorne

Valerie Poppert

I joined Rumble and Rise in April of 2020 when COVID was just starting to ramp up. In the last 2 1/2 years, the experience has changed my life!
Courtney and the community of women are so amazing, it really is hard to describe.

The information in Rumble and Rise is so rich in wisdom and knowledge. It is the best way that I have found to make improvements in my life, my self-image, my self-leadership, and my overall health

I have lived most of my life with a negative self-image and practiced negative self-talk (things that I would never say to another person).

My work in Rumble and Rise has changed the way that I view myself and the way that I talk to myself, now giving myself grace. I cannot thank Courtney enough for sharing her gifts with me and giving me the opportunity to be in community with other amazing women!

- Valerie Poppert


I've been a member of Rumble & Rise for 2 1/2 years and recently renewed my membership because Rumble & Rise is a positive and non-judgmental space for women in mid-life who are interested in living authentically, whatever that means to them.

I now have the tools to lead myself better, especially through perimenopause and beyond. I'm so much more self-aware, I communicate better about my own needs which makes me a better wife, parent, and overall human, and I've established self-trust.

Rumble & Rise is truly a group of amazing women who have been such a positive force in my life!

If Courtney's podcast resonates with you then Rumble & Rise will help you to implement what you say is important to you. There's nothing to lose and everything to gain!”

- Natalie Knight


Since turning 50, it was a gift to myself to Rumble & Rise with Courtney and this community of great women.

I have learned so much, and the utmost important thing for me is to better manage my thoughts and to not borrow the beliefs of others, whilst being in control of myself, my day, and planning my weeks.

Thank you and still much to learn, embed and practice. Grateful for the insight into how to be ‘graceful’ with myself, while digging deep when ‘grit’ is needed to be strong and focused. I look forward to more chapters.

- Cheryl Faber

Colette 101 copy

Finding Courtney Townley and her Rumble & Rise Membership Site has been a game-changer for me!

The group coaching calls are so impactful because we’re all on this journey together, and whether I ask a question or another woman does, we all get to hear Courtney’s coaching, which ALWAYS helps me.

This has so much information and so many opportunities to interact DIRECTLY with Courtney, which to me is what sets this apart from any other membership site. The group coaching calls are so impactful because we’re all on this journey together, and whether I ask a question or another woman does, we all get to hear Courtney’s coaching, which ALWAYS helps me.

- Colette Fitzgerald


Rumble & Rise stands alone.

It's a uniquely supportive, non-judgmental, inspiring community of midlife women who are ready to grab the reins, end unproductive cycles, and achieve their own personal greatness. Whether it's weight loss, stress, sleep, relationships, career shifts, life purpose, bad habits, emotional baggage, time management-- R&R has a masterclass, a wealth of tools, and live support to guide you through.

I love the private podcast. Even if you can't attend live, calls are recorded, and listening to others get coached through their struggles is as valuable as the content Courtney masterfully produces. I came to Courtney to help me launch my health coaching business and stayed for the life lessons!

- Heather Ring

"The Rumble & Rise membership is a beautiful community where you can share intimate thoughts and emotions you may be “rumbling” with during the change process without feeling an ounce of shame.

The content of the masterclasses in incredibly empowering and I always leave the coaching calls with a renewed sense of self-leadership."

- Kelsey Nevins

"I have been more consistent in taking care of myself and putting myself first in the last 4 years I have been working with Courtney than ever previously.

And the work we do inside of Rumble & Rise has improved every area of my life.

Which is why I am still here."

- Bethany Belice