What have you made a habit out of negotiating lately?


Ever made a habit out of negotiating things you say are important to you?

Yeah. Me too.

Moving my body on the regular has always been really important to me. It is a vital nutrient to my mental health.

When I take the time first thing in the morning to throw weights around and give my body the movement fix it so desperately craves… I am a better person on every level. Truly.

I think better.
I respond to life better.
I communicate better.
I feel better cell to soul.

But life slapped me upside the head late last year with challenges that required me to negotiate this morning medicine.

At first, that negotiation was really necessary (a grace-filled decision)…

Until it wasn’t. 

Once the initial reasons for the negotiation passed, I found myself searching for new reasons to move my training sessions later in the day.

It is too cold.
I have work to do.
It is too dark out.
I can do it later.

On that last point … I can do it later. I could but, more often than not, I negotiated “doing it later” too.

On and on this spin cycle spun until I got so frustrated by the regret I was feeling at the end of each day. So frustrated that I wasn’t giving myself the thing I so desperately need.


I committed to getting back to what has worked for me for nearly 2 decades. I owed it to myself to break the cycle of negotiating with myself (hell… I owe it to everyone around me).

My movement practice MUST happen first thing in the day because I have proven to myself that if it doesn’t… I will allow the day to carry me away.

Here I am on day 1 of recommitting to what works. (jazz hands make every picture better, in my humble opinion)

What have you made a habit out of negotiating lately? Ready to recommit?

Ready to recommit?

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