Reasons You May NOT Want to Hire Me

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I am entering launch mode for my Signature Program, which basically means, according to online entrepreneurial standards, I should be selling myself and telling you all of the reasons WHY you should invest in working with me. The truth is, however, as much as I want people to be interested in the work that I do, I also want to be sure the people I invest in for the next year of my life are a good match for the level of work that I teach.

There was a time in my career, I would have worked like a maniac to convince nearly everyone I encountered that I was the perfect person to usher them towards greater health. Now that I am older and slightly wiser, I realize: I am NOT the right person to help all people and not everyone is ready for the work I do AND…

That is perfectly ok!

I invest a tremendous amount of time and energy into my clients, so it is really important that we are a good match to do great work together. I believe one of the best ways to begin that process, is to tell potential clients why they might NOT want to hire me.

So, if after reviewing this list of NOTs with me (which are filled with great tips too), you are more excited than terrified, then, of course, I encourage you to take the next step.

Here are a few things I think everyone should know about before they hire me as a health coach:

Fat Loss is NOT My Passion

There was a time in my life I referred to myself as a weight loss coach (more accurately a fat loss coach) and I have helped a lot of women over the years lose a tremendous amount of weight. The difference these days is that I no longer isolate health to a fat loss conversation because as I have evolved as a trainer, coach, and woman, I have come to realize that leanness is just a small sliver of the health pie.

Fat loss can, for some people, be an important part of the journey to improved health, but fat loss itself does not define health. Not by a long shot.

I have worked with many women over the years who have incredibly low body fat percentages, run multiple marathons a year, lift heavy weights and who look great in a bikini. So, why did these women hire me?

They hired me because despite being lean, having great muscle definition and working out regularly, they didn’t feel healthy. On some level, they too knew that health is a much bigger conversation than body fat percentage, clothing size, PR’s, and aesthetics.

Absolutely I believe that a degree of health is found in blood profiles, efficent biology and a body void of disease, AND I believe that is more than that.   To acheive a state of deep health, you must be willing to take into consideration how you think, what drives your actions, your ability to extend grace to yourself and ultimately, be willing to learn how to consistently line up your actions with what you said you wanted for your life. 

THAT is the conversation I am interested in having with my clients and the real work I am passionate about teaching.

I Don’t Write Meal Plans

It’s very common for a new client to ask (if not beg) at some point along their journey with me, “Courtney! Just tell me what to eat and I will eat it.”

To which I always say, “No, because I would be doing you a massive disservice.”

My job as a health coach is not to dictate which specific foods you can and cannot eat, my job is to educate you about the nutritional value of the foods you are choosing and help you become acutely aware of the physiological response your body is having to those choices.

When you pay attention to what your choices are and the consequences of those choices, you can connect the dots to what ails you more easily and, hopefully…after a face plant or 10…you will start making better choices, more consistently; and THAT is how a transformation is hatched!

I’ve already written an entire article on this point that you can read here.

I Expect 12 months, Nothing Less

You don’t have to look very far to find short-term programs promising to solve all of your health woes. The problem is they don’t work. Sure, you might learn some things and make a few changes, but the habits that got you in the state you are currently in took years, probably even decades to develop, and expecting to replace habits that aren’t working for you with ones that do in 6-12 weeks is just downright unreasonable.

Because novelty wears off. In fact, I would argue that the 12 weeks mark is not where the work ends, it is actually where the work BEGINS. Why?

Because novelty wears off.

The newness of the change you have committed to starts to fade. Somewhere between 6-12 weeks, you will start getting uncomfortable because you start to realize the magnitude of the thing you committed to changing. So, you have a choice: jump to the next program (which the diet and fitness industry is happy to provide you with) OR dig your heels in and truly commit.

I require a 12-month commitment from my clients because I KNOW they will have days they want to quit, they will have moments of failure and frustration AND learning how to navigate those challenges has EVERYTHING to do with the outcome. Learning how to stand up time and time again is a practice called CONSISTENCY.

I am NOT the Authority on YOUR Body

I have studied the human body for decades, and I have worked with hundreds of women over the span of 20 years. One of the greatest lessons I have learned as a coach is that when you try to help people with a one size approach fits all methodology you do them a disservice in the long run.

Improving your health really boils down to improving YOUR relationship with YOUR body.

Of course, there are common threads that run through everyone’s health journey: the need for quality food, movement, restoration, hydration and connection. AND…

You are an incredibly unique expression made up of a unique set of likes and dislikes, life challenges, beliefs, desires and genetics. To not consider and honor your individuality along the path to better health is insane and irresponsible.

YOU are the only person who can act as the AUTHORITY on YOUR body. Once you are ready to accept that responsibility you are in a great position to make meaningful change.

I Will Ask That You Befriend Discomfort

There is discomfort that comes from NOT improving your health and there is discomfort that will show up along the journey to changing your health. There is NO escaping discomfort.

Be Strong and Do The WorkIf you choose to do nothing to improve your health, you are accepting a certain level of discomfort; a discomfort that will remain and probably worsen over time. This type of discomfort lives largely as dis-ease in the mind, body and/or soul.

If you decide to take responsibility for improving your health, you will have to face the discomfort of doing things differently, learning new skills, practicing taking consistent action, screwing up and digging deeper than you ever have before. The thing about this kind of discomfort, however, is that there is a huge benefit on the other side. Choosing the kind of discomfort that comes from choosing to be PROACTIVE rather than a victim of your circumstances will empower you in a way that few things can.  

You have to stand in the ring. You must be willing to get dirty, and perhaps even a bit battered and bruised from the effort of trying. You absolutely must learn how to befriend discomfort if you want to live at a higher elevation.

I Operate Under the “Less is More” Philosophy

Most women I work with do not lack an understanding of WHAT they need to do to improve their health, their challenge is in the application of that knowledge. Knowing and doing are two totally different ball games. Reading every health book on the planet is not going to make you a healthier person. Bouncing from diet to diet or exercise program to exercise program is not going to make you a healthier person.

You know what will?? Committing to a process and doing the work day after day after day for the rest of your life.

It is the small things practiced consistently over time that make massive changes in our health and life. Sadly, however, I witness far too many women taking the “sip out of a firehose” approach (too much expectation for what they can change in the smallest amount of time) which eventually lands them exactly where they started or worse off than before.

What Works for Me Probably Won’t Work for You

I love inspiring women to do better and rise higher than they thought possible, but I am not intent on creating a world of Courtney Townley’s. In fact, I think the world can only handle but one of me…lol.

My point here is that I don’t want women thinking that what works for my body and my life is what will work for yours.

My likes and dislikes are different from yours.
The demands of my life are different from yours.
My strengths and weaknesses are different from yours.
My history is not your history.
My healthy body will look different than your healthy body.
The things that bring out my happy, are likely different from the things that bring out your happy.

Too often I see women hiring a professional based on the storyline that professional is sharing about their life on social media. And to be honest, this is the place diets largely market from:

“If you want a life like mine, a body like mine, a mindset like mine, do what I do.”

My point here?

Stop looking outside of yourself to define happiness and health. You have to be willing to go IN to find that gold.

I Will Let You Fail

A business mentor I deeply admire, Matthew Kimberley, recently sent me this golden nugget on the subject of consistency:

Consistency doesn’t mean a 100% success rate.
Consistency means consistently showing up, developing a process and trusting in that process.
Good golfers have bad games. World class speakers sometimes bomb. Great directors create crappy movies.
But they get back in the saddle because they understand that to perform at your best means you have to show up, control what you can and get up when you get knocked down.

I am a firm believer that if you are unwilling to fail, you aren’t really ready to succeed. So, yes, I will let you fail, so I can teach you how to make a practice out of getting back up.

Wow! You made it to the end! Again, if after reviewing this list of NOTs with me you are more excited than terrified, then I encourage you to take the next step. Review the Signature Program, and if it feels like a good fit, schedule a Discovery Call with me.


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