7 Strategies for Recovering From Illness More Quickly


Being sick is no fun. It is inconvenient, exhausting, and downright frustrating. While you may take excellent care of yourself on a lot of levels, life… unfortunately… doesn’t always go as planned. Illness happens.

Nobody ever plans on getting sick, but having a plan for what to do when you do get sick will minimize the chance of you making a bad situation worse and greatly increase your likelihood of getting back on your feet faster.

Key elements to a smart recovery plan for the sickness you didn’t plan:


Permission to Rest

While this sounds reasonable and even nice, entrepreneurs are some of the worst at heeding this advice. You’ve got a full schedule, things to do, and places to be. It can feel like mission impossible to pull the plug on commitments for the sake of your own recovery, however, keeping these two things in mind may help you grant yourself permission to rest:

1. Your clients and co-workers don’t want to be exposed to whatever it is you’re battling.

2. You will most likely be sick longer if you don’t give your body a chance to recover.

Your immune system is most active in the sleeping hours. So, if you want to maximize its ability to function and get you out of sick-as-a-dog-ville… SLEEP!


Recover From Illness Fast with These 7 Tips and TricksHydrate

Healing is dependent on the body’s ability to flush toxins out and bring nutrients in. Which can’t be done in parched territory. Drinking water and sipping on smoothies, teas, and broths can help your biology to function more efficiently and heal you more quickly.


Eliminate Sugar

And load in the nutrients (which you really should be doing ALL the time, not just in times of sickness). Sugar suppresses immunity and dense nutrition helps to support it. Choose foods that nourish you not ones that deplete you.


Manage Your Mindset

Ever feel like your entire life is imploding when you are under the weather? Well… it’s not… it just feels that way.

Remind yourself that, “This too shall pass”. If you start sliding down the “poor me” slope, you may start indulging in some behaviors that make your situation worse (like eating food that depletes you) rather than better. So make sure you do regular check-ins with the tape playing in your head.


Marinate in a Bath.

A hot bath can relax you, provide some much-needed relief to an aching body, and help relieve congestion temporarily. The sulfates in Epsom salts can help to draw out the toxins in your body, which may help aid your recovery too.


Lower Your expectations.

You expect to be better tomorrow.
You expect to perform at optimal levels even though you feel like hell.
You expect to get all your housework done even though you are too unwell to go to work.

Sweet sister, if your expectations always worked out, you never would have gotten sick in the first place! Setting expectations when you are ill, adds a tremendous amount of stress to an already stressful situation. Expecting less of yourself is hard, but allowing stress to accumulate while you are sick is a lot harder!

Consider where you could elevate your self-care.

The time and energy it takes to heal from an illness can be intense. Whenever you come down with something it is worth asking where you might be able to up-level your self-care a bit to improve your immunity.

Have you been eating enough nutrient-dense food?
Are you hydrated?
Have you been getting enough sleep?

Now go forth and BE WELL, and prepared…should you get sick.

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