The capacity to recover easily and quickly.


Resilience is the capacity to recover easily and quickly from difficulty.

Resilience is the KEY to developing robust health in the body, mind, and soul.

Believe it or not, your body is incredibly designed and has built-in mechanisms to deal with small doses of stress (even intense stress) without negative side effects.

In fact, stress in a body and mind that can handle it, can be a beautiful thing. It helps you to grow and evolve.


When you are marinating in a deep pool of stress 24/7 because of your lifestyle choices and/or lack of skills for coping with stress…

Then combine that with metabolic obstacles that may arise from your genetic blueprint and/or the aging process…well…

You are going to start experiencing BREAKDOWN in a myriad of ways and processes like fat loss become unnecessarily complicated and, for some, downright impossible to ignite or maintain.

You can’t choose your genetic blueprint or stop the aging process, you DO have a TREMENDOUS amount of power to influence your resiliency, cell to soul, by way of how you live your life:)

I talk all about this on episode 220 of the Grace & Grit Podcast. Check it out here.


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