Restoration does not just look like sleep.


I am a HUGE fan of sleep, both personally and professionally:)

Without enough of it EVERYTHING feels harder than necessary.

AND sleep alone is not enough to restore the human mind, body, and soul.

We aren’t just physical beings that need our chemistry to run smoothly.

We are creative beings, adventurous beings, social beings, and playful beings.

The problem is…

Somewhere along the line of growing up we stopped nurturing these parts of ourselves.

These deficiencies come at a huge cost to our well-being.

If you could use a little help putting more life back in your life, consider joining us inside of Rumble & Rise this month for education, inspiration, and support to do just that:)

Pssst… there is no long-term commitment to being a member and I know the value will BLOW your mind:)

Healthiest Year Yet Challenge!

A FREE online event for women who want their healthiest years to be ahead of them (not behind them)!

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