Restoration is a highly undervalued form of nutrition.


Last night was my first training session in over a month… and I am perfectly ok with that. 

There was a time in my life when I would stress hard if I couldn’t maintain my regular workout routine. 

But as I aged, expanding my education and life threw me more curveballs, I realized… 

Self-care does not always look the same. In fact, honoring that is what allows you to sustain health. 

Exercise is a stressor and dumping more stress on an already stressed system isn’t the best approach to wellness. 

Restoration is a highly undervalued form of nutrition – especially in times of HIGH stress. 

This past month has been one of the most difficult I have been through in a very long time and I extended myself the grace of letting some things go for a while to preserve my mental and emotional health… 

And my body and brain were better off for it. 

Don’t get me wrong… I am SO HAPPY to be back, but if I had pushed through rather than back off over the past 4 weeks, I am pretty certain I would have been forced to take a much longer break than I did. 

Stop telling yourself that being flexible with your self-care is a bad thing. If you are allowing yourself to be flexible for reasons you like, it is probably one of the healthiest things you can do. 

Tell me…. 

How good are you at giving yourself permission to back off as a form of self-care? 

Restoration is a highly undervalued form of nutrition.

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