My secret mission.


Sometimes doing nothing is a potent something:)

Last week I went on a secret mission. 

The mission’s name:

Restore Courtney 

The mission’s objective?  

To give myself an opportunity for the kind of rest that sleep alone cannot provide. 

Why was it “secret”?  

Because I was ​that​ committed to the cause. I wanted ZERO distractions.  

Here’s the backstory… 

A few weeks ago my husband, who is undoubtedly the best human I know, asked me what I wanted to DO for my birthday. 

“Honestly, babe, the idea of DOING anything sounds exhausting. I am pooped and not in a “sleep can fix” this kind of way” was my answer. 

“Then you should go away for a few days”, was his response (did I mention what an amazing man he is?). 

I briefly wrestled with all the reasons why I shouldn’t go but quickly realized those same reasons were why I MUST go. 

My family needs me.
My business needs me.
For cripes sake, I need me! 


I did a quick google search of where the sun was going to be shining brightest February 4th-7th, and ended up booking a last minute ticket (which was surprisingly cheap) to Scottsdale, Arizona for 4 days on a quest to do absolutely nothing but REST…deeply. 

And rest I did. 

The plan was specific: to have no plan. 

I slept.
I walked for hours.
I drank coffee at outdoors cafés.
I read.
I cried.
I talked to strangers.
I marinated in the sun.
I meditated.
I ate lots of great food.
I thought about my future. 


Most importantly, I started to come back to life. I started to recognize myself again. 

I share this with you because I talk to a LOT of women every week who are also exhausted in a way that sleep cannot fix, especially in the age of Covid.  

Maybe you can relate? 

If so, I have GREAT news. This theme on ​the podcast​ this month is going to be RESTORE because given the past year, I think this topic is more needed than ever. Click here to listen to Episode 226: 3 Steps to Infuse Your Life With More Life.

Restore Courtney

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