It is time to make peace with your body, your health, and yourself.

“The goal of the rumble is to get honest about the stories we are making up about our struggles, to revisit, challenge and reality-check these narratives as we dig into topics such as boundaries, shame, blame, resentment, heartbreak, generosity, and forgiveness.

Rumbling with these topics and moving from our first responses to a deeper understanding of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors gives birth to key learnings about who we are and how we engage with others. 

The rumble is where wholeheartedness is cultivated and change begins.”

—The incomparable Brené Brown 

The Rumble & Rise membership arena is an exclusive community. To help you uplevel your health without overwhelm, we require you to be a graduate of The Consistency Code, or a Private Client, before entering the arena.


If you are curious about the Rumble & Rise membership arena, please, feel free to read on. And know, there is additional support waiting for you when you are ready.

As you've learned inside The Consistency Code, there is A LOT more to the health equation than food and exercise.

Health is a process of healing - not just your physiology, but the psychology that drives behaviors, directly influencing your physiology.

Healing - or, rather, as Brene Brown puts it, "rumbling within ourselves" helps us cultivate change.

Most women who complete The Consistency Code, crave a simple way to work with me on a more long-term, ongoing basis. That way you can receive the right support and guidance as you work to improve your health beyond the “eat less, exercise more” ideology that’s been crammed down your throat your entire life. 

You want help putting into practice what you’ve learned in The Consistency Code, PLUS help navigating the challenges that will surely arise as you dig deeper in order to rise stronger. 

Help getting - and staying - clear on where you are, where you want to go and how to get from here to there. 

Help making amends the parts of yourself that you work hard to hide from the rest of the world: the fear, the shame, the frustration, the doubt, the disappointment, etc.

You’ve asked for additional guidance to defeat the lie that says health is simply a matter of energy in vs energy out.  

And ongoing support to help stop the war between your mind and your body.

Yeah, I know. It doesn’t sound fun. And it often isn’t.  

But I also know - and you know, too - that deep health is only possible when you are willing to do deep inner work.  

And if you want to truly feel at peace with how you are living your life, “going in” isn’t optional, it is the required admission.

And, I can help with all of that in a way that is simple, accessible and affordable.

Until now, the only way to get this type of personal support from me was through private coaching sessions.

But at last, I’ve created an online coaching platform —an arena, really— for you to come as you are, wherever you are, and rumble with what it will take for you to elevate your life with guidance and support.

For years, I’ve helped women navigate their way back to excellent health through training and coaching - women who are successful in all the ways our society views success. Women who:  

  • Invest their heart and soul into raising a family  
  • Show up in the daily grind of climbing the corporate ladder 
  • Pour blood, sweat, and tears into balancing the demands of work and family life

Women who have done —and are doing— marvelous things in nearly all areas of their life.

All at the expense of their health.  

These are smart, capable women, who are operate in the space of “knowing” that inner work is important, while simultaneously avoiding it in any way they can, which has left them frustrated and confused about how to take back control of their own health.  

Until the discomfort of not doing the work becomes more painful than the discomfort of engaging with it.  

They need a lifeline. So do you. 

And that’s precisely what I have created.  

Where women ditch diet culture and discover their prime doesn't have to be in the rear-view mirror.

A community with a robust vault of resources, Rumble & Rise will help you return to —or quite possibly access for the very first time— deep health by redefining what that looks like, and by helping you banish the lie that you have to sacrifice self-care in order to be a successful woman.

You’ve already learned how to do the work. You just need help staying consistent with the work. And you need the right support to make that happen.

Consistency with the practice of:  

  • Awareness
  • Organization
  • Follow-through
  • Realignment

Plus, let’s be honest: if you’re STILL reading this, you already know you’re interested. 

That’s because we’ve worked together in The Consistency Code, and you’ve seen that working with me means:

  • Zero tolerance for disrespecting your mind and body one second longer. 
  • A commitment to getting to know yourself better than you ever have before so you can lead yourself like you never have before.  
  • Developing the confidence to look to yourself for guidance before looking for it elsewhere.
  • A hard stop on chasing “Hail Mary” (programs asking you to take huge measures in short time frames to get quick results).

The Rumble & Rise platform is perfect for you if you are:

  • Done with diets 
  • Ready to take radical responsibility for your health and your life 
  • Commited to getting out of “Integrity Pain” 
  • Craving more education, support, and inspiration to show up on the hardest days 
  • Frustrated that you aren’t further along 
  • Considered “fit” or “thin,” but have a deep knowing that you are a far cry from "healthy"
  • Worried that if you stop your current diet regimen, you’ll slide down a slippery slope back to square one 
  • Aware that health is a lifelong practice and that there is no finish line to cross

And you want to:

  • Feel more alive and healthy than ever before, and like you are living in a way that is completely aligned with who you want to be in the world 
  • Feel relaxed and confident, with a sense of clarity 
  • Go to bed at night feeling at peace with how you’ve cared for yourself during the day 
  • Feel restored and unmistakably you - like anything and everything is possible  

Here’s what you’ll get as a member of Rumble & Rise:

A Monthly Masterclass

1 value packed video lesson will be delivered to you each month. Inside, you will learn powerful tools and strategies to apply to your health journey so you can more easily and gracefully show up for yourself.  

2 Monthly Group Coaching Video Calls

These calls will allow you to join a discussion around the monthly masterclass and provide you with an opportunity to ask questions in regards to the challenges that are showing up of for you along the path to change. If you want to ask a question, recieve my expert coaching, or just listen to the remarkable transformations of your peers, these calls will keep uou connected to your commitments and inspired to ______ .  

Movement Vault

Here you will find new workout programs each month. Workout programs that are broken down into video tutorials as well as printable PDF’s that you can use to record your activity.  


Think of this as mini-podcast episodes available to members only. Here you will find 5-10 minute soundbites to help you manage your mind and help you quickly pivot when you find yourself slipping into old habits and struggling to show up for yourself.  

Recipe Round-Up

A collection of personally curated recipes that I have personally tried from online bloggers and chefs. A new round-up will be posted monthly, the recipes I share are those that I value most because they use minimal ingredients and take minimal time to prepare  

Once you’re in, you’re in. And, you'll receive unlimited access for as long as you are a member!

If you have completed The Consistency Code, I am inviting you to join me in the Rumble & Rise arena. Membership is $119/month or $1200/year ($200 discount). You may choose to cancel your membership anytime.

Listen. This journey will be: Hard AND tender. Disorienting AND enlightening. Heartbreaking AND heart-opening. And absolutely 100% worth it. 

I know you are ready to do this. It’s the only way to get the ongoing support from me that you’ve been asking for (unless, of course, you want to work privately with me). Register today and secure your spot in the Rumble & Rise Membership arena, so we can maintain the traction you created in The Consistency Code.

The Rumble & Rise membership arena is an exclusive community. To help you uplevel your health without overwhelm, we require you to be a graduate of The Consistency Code, or a Private Client, before entering the arena.

If you are curious about the Rumble & Rise membership arena, please, feel free to read on. And know, there is additional support waiting for you when you are ready.