I rumble HARD with social media.


If I am being honest, I rumble HARD with social media… as a woman, a business owner (especially one in the field of women’s health), and, most certainly, as a mother.

It has its perks. It is a really convenient way to share information and ideas, to connect with people near and far, and to put your art (whatever form that takes) out into the world.

It is also problematic in… so..many…ways.

A few weeks ago, I hosted an event for hundreds of women called The Consistency Code Crash Course, and I challenged the participants to identify their time leaks… things that they are spending time on that are not in line with what they want for their life.

The #1 answer? SOCIAL MEDIA.

So, I decided it was high time I did an entire podcast episode (Episode 255) on social media, the ways it influences our health, and how to ensure our relationship with it nurtures our health rather than depletes it.

On a scale from 1-10 (10 being perfectly healthy, 1 being toxic), how would you rate your relationship with social media? Come share with me on Instagram. 😉

I rumble HARD with social media...

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