Scary things pushed by the diet industry.


You know this is just the shortlist, right?

The diet industry is awesomely good at selling complex formulas to be executed in short time frames promising BIG results with NO regard for how these tactics influence a woman’s mental health and emotional health.

Only these tactics don’t work in the long run. (Our culture is more dis-eased than ever.)

Cookie-cutter protocols completely dismiss your individuality and the unique stressors of YOUR life.

Making HUGE changes fast is a surefire way to create overwhelm and guess what you do when you are overwhelmed? NOTHING.

Health is not a look. (pssst… I have an entire masterclass on this called Women’s Health Reimagined. You can access it here for FREE.)

I have nothing against the scale, but if it is the ONLY thing you are using to measure success along your journey, you are going to get frustrated and disappointed pretty quickly.

What other scary things do you see emerging from the diet industry? Come share with me on Instagram.

Scary things pushed by the diet industry.

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