The Secret to Sugar-less Halloweens: The Switch Witch

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The Secret to Sugar-less Halloweens: The Switch WitchHappy Halloween!

I have a love/hate relationship with this holiday. Making costumes and dressing up with my kid is a blast. I enjoy carving pumpkins (I like roasting the seeds even more), and I really adore seeing adults and children giving themselves permission to dress up for a day and be silly. Play is so good for the soul!

So what’s not to like?

Sugar. So much sugar.

I have and 8 year old son which makes the sugar overload more apparent and more maddening than ever for me.

Rarely will you hear me label a food “bad”, except in the case of candy. I hate the stuff (and yes, I know hate is a strong word) and I see no reason we should be using a holiday as a reason to overdose our children with it.  Sigh.

Of course my son wants to trick-or-treat like any other kid, and I don’t want to rob him of that experience. So what is a mama to do with all of the candy that comes in her door?

I donate it, of course.

The Secret to Sugar-less Halloweens: The Switch WitchNo, not to the troops overseas, or the guys on my husband’s job site; I donate it to the Switch Witch.

The Switch Witch, legend has it, is the proud owner of a cat who adores candy, so if you leave your stash of candy on the front steps of your house at night she will take the candy and leave you something in return (a book, a game, something void of sugar).

We have done this now for the past 6 years and it has worked awesomely well! It has been a win-win solution for my son and me. He gets to enjoy the Halloween festivities, and I get to maintain my peace of mind by supplying the Switch Witch with all that candy (code for: I get to throw it all away).

Yes, that probably makes me a real witch!

How do YOU deal with candy during Halloween? What do you pass out to trick-or-treaters? Really, I’d love to know!

Wishing you a safe and sugar-less Halloween.


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