self-care contract


On this day,
take full responsibility for developing myself into the magnificent, powerful woman I know myself to be. I know my existence is intentional and perfectly timed and it is my responsibility to make my life purposeful, joyful and whole.

I recognize myself as a unique and remarkable woman who will make a difference in the world by consistently remembering my importance to the world.

The talents and skills that I have been gifted, are:

I have long felt that I am being called to put these gifts to use in order to better the world in the following ways:

Today, I boldly and unapologetically declare, “YES” to my awesomeness.

I commit ferociously to a life of excellent self-care in order to give the best of myself to my relationships, my passions and my pursuits.

I understand my body is the vehicle that transports my love, creativity and spirit to the world around me. I choose to support and maintain it to the best of my ability. Neglect is not an option.

I refuse to fuel my self-care with shame, fear of not being worthy enough or other people’s opinions. I came into the world abundantly worthy and other people’s opinions are none of my concern.

I take excellent care of myself regularly out of deep respect for myself, my gifts and what I am here to cause, improve and inspire.

I acknowledge that self-care includes but is not limited to: my response to the world around me, eating healthy nutritious foods, regular exercise, frequent rest, fulfilling relationships, managing my stress, creating boundaries and expand comfort zones, being fully engaged
with life, and being of service.

From this day forward, I promise to be good to my body in good times and bad. I will love, respect and honor my body all the days of my life.

The most important step I can take today to administer a greater level of self-care is:

And so, I begin…

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