Are you governed by self-doubt or self-trust?


Considering the effort I put into caring for my health, I think my health should be perfect, BUT…

Last year I was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder that I have probably had for years (my bone marrow is an overachiever in platelet production).

Considering how much time, energy, and heart I have put into the Grace & Grit podcast over the past 6 years, I’d like to have millions of downloads by now BUT…

The show is just now approaching half a million downloads.

Considering how much I believe in the value of my services, I’d love everyone to be equally as enthusiastic, BUT…

Strangely, they are not.

And there was a time in my life when I would use those unmet expectations and disappointments as evidence for how I was “failing”. And it made me feel like 💩

Luckily, I have a low tolerance for feeling like 💩 AND a fierce stubborn streak.

So, I set out to change it.

I worked with coaches, counselors, and mentors…

I read my face off and took loads of courses that could help me better manage my brain and, low and behold, I slowly learned that self-trust isn’t a byproduct of my achievements, it is a byproduct of my thinking and how I choose to show up in the FACE of life’s uncertainty.

These days…

I trust myself to figure out whatever life throws in my path.

I trust myself to pick myself and try again when things don’t turn out the way I want them to.

I trust myself to not be an ass to myself when I make mistakes or don’t reach certain outcomes (which is pretty often, the above is just a small sampling).

And it has made all the difference to my physical, mental and emotional health.

How about you? Are you currently governed by self-doubt or self-trust? Share with me over here, on Instagram.

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