What to do when self-doubt creeps in…


It is bound to happen.

You are going to have a day, probably many, along the path to improved health where self-doubt creeps in and you convince yourself that you are NOT making progress.

In those moments, I hope you will extend yourself the grace of pausing to…

1. Reconsider your strategy. Is it overwhelming? Is it underwhelming? Both can be problematic:)

2. Widen the lens through which you are defining success. Progress is NEVER linear in ANY area. So while you may be plateaued in 1 area for a time, I bet with a little digging, you will see that you are indeed making progress in other areas.

3. Get radically honest with yourself. Are you really doing the things you know you need to do to make progress? Often the story we are telling ourselves doesn’t line up with what we are actually doing. In other words, there are gaps!

Once you get honest about the gaps, you can start filling them:)

4. Recruit help. Reach out to people who have traveled the path you are on. Get an outside perspective.

Often we are so IN our own process, we fail to see solutions are right in front of us. (it’s like looking for your own glasses and someone pointing out that they are on your head!)

self-doubt strategies

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