I needed this. Maybe you do too?


It took me years to realize that if I truly wanted to empower my clients to live their life in a way that nourishes their health over the long term…

I needed to teach them how to LEAD rather than follow.

I think it took me a while to figure this out because I had never been a part of a community that taught health as an exercise in self-leadership.

  • A community that defines health through the lens of expanding rather than shrinking.
  • A community that explores health by addressing the WHOLE person, not one isolated part of them.
  • A community that focuses on building practices rather than chasing outcomes.
  • A community that normalizes the rumble involved in the change process.

I was tired of health always being addressed from the perspective of “weight loss”.

I was tired of watching women hyper-focus on their bodies with so little regard for their mental health and emotional health.

I was tired of hearing that the body was the problem.

I was tired of the overly complicated B.S. being sold to women as the solution to all their health woes.

I was tired of watching women chase a version of themselves from the past.


I got to work creating a space that…

  • Encourages women to expand into the fullness of who they are, rather than stuffing themselves into the tiny box of what society tells them they should be.
  • Teaches skillsets to help women navigate a life of transformation, rather than creating a once-in-a-lifetime transformation.
  • Reminds women to focus on who they want to be NOW rather than who they have been.
  • Normalizes the rumble of behavior change.
  • Champions women to live by design rather than default.
  • Shows women how to lead rather than to follow.

This community, Rumble & Rise, is a revolutionary approach to for midlife women who want to make their second half the better half.

I needed this space. Maybe you do too? Come check us out right here.

Self-Leadership Community

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