Self-trust is a VERY BIG DEAL when it comes to your health.


Self-trust does not mean you don’t experience self-doubt.⁣

It means you don’t let self-doubt sit in the driver’s seat of your life. A passenger she will be, but the driver? That’s entirely up to you.⁣

I talk a lot with my community about health being a practice of self-leadership. And to lead yourself in a powerful way…you’ve got to learn how to trust yourself in a powerful way.⁣

💥Trust yourself to do what you said you would do for yourself.⁣

💥Trust yourself to have your own back no matter badly you mess up.⁣

💥Trust yourself to stop making mistakes mean that there is anything wrong with you. (if you are living life with an ounce of boldness… you are going to make A LOT of mistakes)

💥Trust yourself to align your actions with what you say it is you want for you life.⁣

Self-trust is a VERY BIG DEAL when it comes to your health. In fact, I would argue that it is a more powerful superfood than most actual “superfoods” being sold to you. ⁣

The diet industry doesn’t promote self-trust. In fact, they bank on you lacking it… quite literally.

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