Reset your brain and body health daily by doing NOTHING.

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What if the thing that could improve your health, in the most profound way, required you to do NOTHING? (Quite literally!)

Well, it does.

SLEEP requires nothing of you but for you to grant yourself permission to let go. (And, therein lies the problem, eh?)

So many people resist the hell out of it and, simultaneously complain about things like:

  • reactivity
  • lack of focus
  • suppressed immunity
  • injuries
  • anxiety
  • weight gain

… and so much more. ALL of which, SLEEP has the power to help remedy.

One of my favorite books I have ever read on the subject is, Why We Sleep, by neuroscientist Matthew Walker. If this book doesn’t inspire you to fiercely protect your waking hours, nothing will.

If you don’t have time to read it, I did a podcast episode about some of the most riving parts of the book and my thoughts on sleep being a public health crisis. Check it out and share your comments below.


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