Smart Body Smart Mind


I could probably write a book about all the ways The work of Irene Lyon has impacted my life, here are just a few:

I am generally a better human. I am more awake, more compassionate, more forgiving, more curious, and more alive.

I am more comfortable IN my body.

I am a better mom because I can hold more space for hard things. Hard realities, hard conversations, hard emotions.

I am a better listener. With others AND myself. For the first half of my life, I didn’t really listen to my body, I dictated what I expected of it.

I am softer. Ironically, I had to learn how to soften in order to become stronger and more resilient.


I became more empathetic, curious, and compassionate about why humans behave the way they do.

I better understand the biology of stress with influences every health challenge I have ever coached a client through.

I experience less burnout because I am so much better at managing my resources.

The truth is ALL roads on the health journey lead back to the nervous system.

If your nervous system is dysregulated from big and/or small traumas you will only survive this life and never truly experience what it is to thrive IN your life.

So, it is worth learning about the nervous system. Smart Body Smart Mind is the BEST way to do that. Registration closes on March 6th. Click the button to learn more and register!

Smart Body Smart Mind w/ Irene Lyon

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