One of my greatest sources of inspiration in 2021.


In January of this year, my not-quite-two-year-old Great Dane, Sully, had to have both of his eyes removed due to a birth defect that prevented his eyes from draining properly. Gah!

I was devastated because I told myself all kinds of stories about what this would mean for his life.

There was the story that he would go into a deep depression following the surgery, but…

He came out of surgery wagging his tail and jumped right into the truck.

There was the story that he would run into everything in our house which prompted me to buy about 30 pool noodles to pad all of the sharp edges, but…

We removed the noodles after only a few weeks because he was navigating the house so seamlessly.

There was the story that he would be afraid of everything because he couldn’t see, but…

I have yet to find anything he is afraid of other than me not feeding him right on time…lol)

He still goes up and down the stairs with ease.

He still chases squirrels in the backyard.

He still swims in the lake.

He still steals my baseball cap out of my gym bag with the hopes that I will chase him.

Was losing his eyes unfortunate? Absolutely!

Did it prevent him from living his life to the fullest? Not in the slightest.

One of the greatest lessons I have learned from this experience is that the stories in my head are… well… just stories.

I don’t have to believe them.

And you don’t have to believe the stories in your head either.

I don’t know what challenges you have faced as of late, but I do know that when you focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t, life is a heck of a lot easier to navigate.

Sully reminds me of that every day, so I am passing on the reminder to you.

If you are an Instagram person and you’d like more inspiration from this gentle giant, you can follow Sully over at: @belikesully


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