What is on your “spring cleaning” list?


Spring just might be my favorite season because everything comes to life again. Including me!

It is a time of renewal, hope and so much possibility!

When the mountains shed her winter coat, it is time for me to do some shedding too!

I take spring cleaning (my home and my life) very seriously and this year it is looking like:

Taking more breaks during my workday to marinate my feet in the grassy abyss out my backdoor and my body in the sun.

Purging spaces and places that have accumulated things that I don’t use or adore. (this includes thoughts in my brain)

Saying “no” to unnecessary obligations so I can say “yes” to creating things that have been on my heart for ages:
more art 🎨

more connecting with family & friends 💗 more garden time

more dancing 💃

more exploring this incredible state I get to call home 🏔

How about you? What is on your “spring cleaning” list? Click here and share with me.

Spring Cleaning

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