Stabilizing blood sugar for physical and mental health.


Stabilizing blood sugar is a big deal when it comes to physical and mental health, which is why I made it the masterclass topic inside of my Rumble & Rise community this month.

Popular media culture LOVES to push extreme measures for EVERYTHING – balancing blood sugar levels is no exception – Intermittent Fasting, anyone?

Before you tell me all the reasons why you love IF, I want you to know I am not for or against it. It is a tool that works for the right people, at the right time, in the right dose.

It isn’t the right tool for everyone.

And this post is for them.

Everything about your lifestyle influences your blood sugar levels.

So, if you like to eat more than 1-2 meals a day, like I do, here some simple things to keep in mind to help your body regulate blood sugar.

💃 Move your body often and much throughout the day.

😴. Manage your own sleep like you would a toddlers:) STOP negotiating your bedtime.

🍲 Eat a balanced diet of whole foods. (for a lot of people this means less processed foods and MORE protein)

🥦 Load in the fiber. Veggies are your friend.

💧 Drink mostly water.

🧘‍♀️ Manage your mental stress! Seriously, your brain doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined stress and how you think can impact your blood sugar in BIG ways.

These are the things we practice in my community because I am a big believer that consistency in the basics will get most people a hell of a lot further than intensity that can’t be sustained.

Looking for more tools to take better care of yourself (cell to soul) with consistency and ease? Come join us.

Stabilizing blood sugar for physical and mental health.

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