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What sets your heart on fire?

What are you here to Cause? Create? Contribute? Inspire?

What do you stand for?

What do you want to be remembered for?

The answers run through your veins, float on the tide of your breath and anchor themselves into the deepest part of your soul.  They come obediently and swiftly for some, reluctantly and stubbornly for others.  No matter, if you seek them,  they will come.

And when they do… you can hide from them, avoid them and even deny them… but beware!  To do so, is to retreat from your own worth and your most fulfilling life.

The answers to these questions prompt the search and rescue of our divine truth and we often end up traveling far and wide, sometimes deep and dark, to find them waiting patiently under layers of false identity.

They have been waiting for years, often decades, for us to be authentic enough, daring enough, and courageous enough to pull them out of the muck and mire, clean them off, and, at last, honor them with who we are BEING in the world.

They are waiting for you right now; ready to expand your greatest good and most spectacular possibility…if you listen, follow the instructions, and do the assignment.

The “assignment” is to remember who you were intended to be and what this story was supposed to be about before you got carried away with writing a different one or falling into someone else’s version of your story.

In the bright light of our deepest truth, we find CLARITY about who we need to be in order to do the work that we are being called to do.

Clarity delivers us, if we let her.  She is the mother of inspired living, purpose, drive, and discipline.  And it is through her, and only through her, that we…

Discover the grit to dig deep.

Harness the grace to rise above.

Lead the way for those less clear.

And unveil the height of our meaning and our joy.

As a fitness trainer and a health coach, my hope for each and every one of my clients is that they unveil their authenticity by listening to the tune of their own heart, crank the volume on it and let that music seduce them, light them on fire and propel them into a deep understand that their physical being is the VESSEL through which their gifts will be distributed, their biggest contributions will be made and a beautiful life lived.

When we acknowledge our health as the platform from which our most meaningful life’s work will launch, it becomes so much easier and necessary to do the work required to reclaim it, reinforce it and fiercely protect it.


1. Ask yourself the above questions.  Pen to page, write and then write some more.

2.  Make a list of 20 ways (the more the better) in which leaning into a healthier lifestyle will enable you to take one step closer to playing full-out in your authentic, purpose-filled life.

For example:

If your family lights your heart on fire, an item on your list might be:

Taking control of my health once and for all will allow me to stay active with my family for as long as possible.  It will allow me to continue to engage more fully in all ways  and allow me to give the best of myself to them.  Heck, I may even inspire them.

Maybe you have long felt the need to leave a job that makes you miserable, an item on your list might be:

Working out more regularly, getting more sleep and having good food choices on hand will help me to build and sustain the confidence, energy and drive I am going to need to start my own business.

3.  Post your list where you can see it, carry your list, memorize your list, if possible, record it and listen to yourself affirm the list.   Read it as often as possible and use THAT to deepen your commitment to life long health.

4.  Pay it forward.  Encourage a woman you care about  to make her own list.

5.  Begin.

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