Stress & Hormones w/ Laini Gray


I have been talking a lot about chronic stress on the Grace & Grit podcast lately and why taking measures to prevent your stress load from overflowing on the regular is so important to your overall health.

I am so passionate about this topic because chronic stress has the potential to breakdown your body and brain in so many ways.

Understanding how your total stress load impacts your hormonal system is especially important to the primary population I work with (women 40+).

Many women in this age bracket are often carrying the most stress they have ever dealt with at a time when some of the major hormones that help them manage stress are fluctuating and eventually declining.

So, tomorrow at 11 am MST, my dear friend, and functional diagnostic practitioner, Laini Gray and I are going to have a live chat on IGTV about stress and hormones.

I hope you will join us (or catch the replay) AND invite any women who you think might appreciate the information.

Stress & Hormones w/ Laini Gray

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