Improving health is an exercise in unpacking stress.


Yesterday I mentioned that your weight is NOT the problem when it comes to health challenges (and I will sing that tune until the day I die).

Excess weight, however, “might” be a symptom of underlying problems.

And one of those problems might be chemical mayhem induced by carrying WAY too much stress.

Improving health is an exercise in unpacking stress.

And stress comes in MANY FORMS…

Eustress (the helpful kind – yes, stress can be a beautiful thing) is the stress that comes from leaning into challenges to grow and evolve as humans. (strength training, setting boundaries, having difficult conversations, going after things on your heart, are just a few examples ).

Distress on the other hand is unnecessary stress that wreaks havoc on your health and life (poor time management, consuming too much food and/or foods that deplete rather than nourish, being sleep deprived, being an ass to yourself, imagining worst case scenarios, are a few you might be familiar with?).

Fun fact: Eustress can actually become distress if your total stress load is too high!

And an overflowing stress bucket is a REAL problem for your health because…

Chronic unmanaged stress jacks up your nervous system AND your chemistry, both of which… integrate with and influence EVERY system in the human body.

Key takeaway:

Managing your TOTAL stress load (aka: learning how to REDUCE your total stress load) can go a long way in helping to restore peace to your biochemistry. Making you a happier and healthier human.

And, the world could use more of those these days:)

How might you unpack just a little stress from your life today? Come share with me here, over on Instagram.

Improving health is an exercise in unpacking stress.

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