s t r e t c h yourself


I have long argued that improving health is an exercise in expansion.

  • Expansion of your self-worth.
  • Expansion of your self-confidence.
  • Expansion of your self-trust.
  • Expansion of your capacity to extend grace to yourself.
  • Expansion of your willingness to do new things.
  • Expansion of what you believe to be possible for your life.

And to expand in these ways, you are going to have to s t r e t c h yourself beyond what’s comfortable, familiar, and easy.

Maybe your stretch is letting go of something that isn’t serving you?

Maybe your stretch is speaking up about something on your heart?

Maybe your stretch is setting a boundary with someone?

Maybe your stretch is putting yourself to bed an hour earlier?

Maybe your stretch is carving out time for yourself in your calendar and actually showing up?

Maybe your stretch is failing at something and picking yourself up to have another go at it?

Click here and tell me, what is one “stretch” you are going to commit to this week in dedication to your health?

s t r e t c h yourself

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