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Episode 088: The Art of Money w/ Bari Tessler Linden

088: The Art of Money w/ Bari Tessler Linden

I have long wanted to do a podcast episode dedicated to the topic of Money. “But Courtney, this is a podcast about women’s health”

Yeah, I know…hear me out.

I firmly believe that money IS very much a women’s health topic. Money is linked to nearly every aspect of our health because at the end of the day money provides us with choice and choice grants us freedom;

The freedom to choose our health care providers,
The freedom to choose a way of life that is in line with our values,
The freedom to honor our body’s need to rest and restore regularly,
The freedom to choose work that feeds our soul.

I encounter women nearly every single day, who struggled to reclaim their health because:

They feel they have to work 60-80 hour work weeks… because of money.
They can’t afford the level of health care they need to address the underlying cause of dis-ease in their body… because of money.
They can’t afford to take time off despite feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and absolutely depleted… because of money.
They stay in jobs and relationships that are literally robbing them of their life force… because of money.
For all of these reasons, and many more, it was really important to me to do a podcast episode dedicated to empowering our relationship with money.

Personally, there was a time in my life, I couldn’t really talk about money because it induced so much stress, but avoiding it, I knew was not going to improve my relationship with it. And so, I started to do some research, which leads me to guest today, Bari Tessler Linden.

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