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Community Matters

231: Community Matters

Several years ago I created a FREE five day program called #five2thrive that women are still downloading and reaping value from today. That video series introduces the 5 key elements that I think are paramount to improving health: sleep, hydration, nutrition, movement, and mindset.

But there is one other element, I wish I had added to that list. Community.

Ladies, we are communal creatures. We aren’t meant to do hard things alone.

So, this episode of the Grace & Grit podcast is to remind you about the incredible power of community and connection along the path to change.

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Rethinking Goal Setting

186: Rethinking Goal Setting

Goals can be awesome mile markers along the path to change, but goals are not enough to create and sustain change. If you want to create change in your life that is long-lasting, you have to be willing to change your beliefs about what is possible for your life, your habits and ultimately, your identity.

In this episode of the Grace & Grit podcast, I challenge listeners on how they think of goal setting and how to use goals in a way that helps foster meaningful and sustainable results, not just temporary ones.

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My Top Ten Pieces of Advice to Help You Improve Your Health in the New Year

145: My Top Ten Pieces of Advice to Help You Improve Your Health in the New Year

I have been helping women rewrite their health stories now for over 20 years, and I have learned a few things along the way about what it really takes to create sustainable change.

It has nothing to do with the latest diet craze (or any diet for that matter).
It has nothing to do with superfoods or exercise protocols.

What it takes to create sustainable change has everything to do with how you are thinking about your process, your worth, your challenges and even your failures.

Your success with your health goals has everything to do with your mindset and in this episode, I do a deep dive into the 10 mindset shifts I believe women need to make to make meaningful change with their health in a sustainable way.

Listen in and share your thoughts!

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STOP WAITING: Simple Actions You Can Start Taking TODAY

132: STOP WAITING: Simple Actions You Can Start Taking TODAY

Stop waiting for the perfect time,
Stop waiting for permission,
Stop waiting until you “feel” like doing the work…to restore your health.

Commit to 1 small action today and again tomorrow. Massive change IS possible when we commit to small actions repeated consistently over time.

Last week on the podcast (Episode 131) I talked about why the danger of taking on too much change too fast, which I refer to as the “Hail Mary Approach”. This is the approach the diet industry sells you and yet…it doesn’t work for long-term sustainability.

In today’s episode, I give you 10 simple measures you can start applying to your life immediately to improve your health.

And the best part is…
You don’t have to buy anything.
You don’t have to follow a formula.
You don’t have to carve our hours of time in your schedule.

You just need to stop waiting and start doing.

Listen to this episode to discover the 10 simple and seemingly insignificant things you could be doing TODAY that can significantly impact your overall health over time.

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Befriending Discomfort Along the Path to Change

127: Befriending Discomfort Along the Path to Change

Discomfort along the path to improving your life isn’t a probability, it is an inevitability.

Every single day you get to decide if you want to stay in the discomfort of the way things are, or lean into the discomfort of improving your situation. Either way, you will have to face discomfort on some level.

The good news is that when you lean into the discomfort that promotes growth in your life, there is tremendous strength on the other side of that.

This episode of the Grace & Grit podcast introduces tips and strategies for befriending discomfort, so you can do the work that will move your life to higher ground.

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13 Simple Tools to Create Massive Change in Your Well-being

058: Thirteen Simple Tools to Create Massive Change in Your Well-Being

It is interesting that we are living at a time when there are more exercise programs and extreme dieting tactics on the market then ever before AND obesity rates and disease is at an all time high.

We have made exercise programming and the simple act of eating SO complicated, that many women have a fierce resistance to getting started.

But here is the truth….

The things that are going to make you healthy are really quite simple. Today’s podcast episode focuses on 13 of the most powerful things I have used to up-level my own health, as well has the health of my clients.

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Grace & Grit Podcast

008: How Habits Really Change

Habit change is no small task. They take a lot of GRIT and time to change. In this episode, Courtney gives you strategies for making REAL habit change.

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Grace & Grit Podcast

004: Making Room for Change

You will have to “trim the fat” in your life to make room to practice healthy living regularly.

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