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Episode 089: Be More With Less w/ Courtney Carver

089: Be More With Less w/ Courtney Carver

Simplicity, in my opinion, is a topic we cannot talk about enough because we are living in a time that is everything but simple.

Building the skill of living more simply isn’t sexy (just as most of the things that will truly improve our health are not). It forces us to slow down, become aware and make conscious choices and it is easy to rationalize not having time for that in a world that pushes more is better and hustle as the only ways to be successful.

You are listening to this podcast because there is something you want for your health that you don’t currently have. I don’t sugarcoat, so here is the truth, if you want to up-level any area of your life, you are going to have to make room in your life to do that and most people I know are living with too much stuff to manage and too little time. Which, ultimately, is a recipe for breakdown and dis-ease, not a recipe for health & happiness.

And look… I get it, simplifying your life can feel really complicated and hard and overwhelming, which is why I am SO grateful there are people in the world like my guest today, Courtney Carver, who has a knack for showing people how to be more with less.

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