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Let's get this party started!

223: Let’s get this party started!

I am so excited to welcome you into a brand spankin’ new year.

The Grace & Grit Podcast is rolling into its 5th year of production, so I thought this would be a GREAT time to reintroduce myself and the mission of this show:)

Have a listen and welcome to 2021!

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Fat Loss Basics, Part 4: FAQs

222: Fat Loss Basics, Part 4: FAQs

To wrap up this 4-part series on fat loss, I answer some of the most frequently asked questions that I receive on this topic.

• How do I measure body fat?
• Can I build muscle and lose weight at the same time?
• How much should I be eating?
• How many times a day should I eat?
• Can I drink alcohol and lose fat?

Have a listen. I hope it helps:)

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