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How to enjoy your summer AND rock your health.

241: How to enjoy your summer AND rock your health.

Summer has arrived here in North America and with it comes travel, barbeques, camping trips, and opportunity to disrupt our everyday routines. And saying YES to these things can be so incredibly beneficial to your health.

A lot of women this time of year feel they can say YES to the invitation that is summer OR stay the course with their health goals.

I want to offer that you can do BOTH and, in this episode of the Grace & Grit podcast, I am going to share with you exactly how to make the most of your summer AND roll into September without feeling like you are “starting over”.

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Recover Like a Boss

057: Recover Like a Boss

Man, I have worked with a ton of clients over the years who want to elevate the state of their health without honoring their body’s need for adequate restoration and recovery.

And it simply doesn’t work…ever.

Recovery should NOT be underestimated when it comes to improving the health of your body. If you are expecting more from your body (more energy, more strength, more endurance, more performance, more fat loss, more muscle) you are going to have to RESPECT the fact that your body will need MORE rest.

Remember you are in a RELATIONSHIP with your body, not a dictatorship. You have to GIVE in order to GET.

If you are training hard and eating well, but neglecting to give your body the downtime it needs and deserves, don’t be surprised if you are lacking in the “progress” department.

Episode 57 of the Grace & Grit Podcast is all about Recovering Like a Boss, so can reap the benefits of your hard work more quickly. Click the image to listen now.

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