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To Grit or to Quit

225: To Grit or to Quit

Psychologist Angela Duckworth defines Grit as “perseverance and passion for long-term goals”.

I am a big fan of the quality, which is why it is a part of my business name.

That being said, letting go of things that no longer serve you, is ALSO a very necessary part of self-development that we don’t talk enough about.

In this episode, I share some of my thoughts about knowing when to apply grit to your journey and knowing when to quit certain things along your journey.

I hope it helps you practice more grace AND grit.

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The Space Between Grace & Grit

162: The Space Between Grace & Grit

This week’s episode on the Grace & Grit Podcast is the final installment of the Self-Leadership (and why it matters to your health) theme, and I am talking about the two final pillars: self-compassion & self-discipline (aka Grace & Grit).

We need BOTH grace (self-compassion) and grit (self-discipline) to live a healthy, joyous life. The hard part is embracing the quality that doesn’t come as natural to you and not misuse the one that does.

As a health coach, I have seen women manipulate self-love into rationalizing why they shouldn’t have to apply the self-discipline that will help them get happier or healthier. And I have witnessed women use self-discipline to the point of self-destruction because they clearly lack love for themselves.

I am a champion for residing in the space between self-love and self-discipline, which is why I named my company Grace & Grit. One without the other will cage what is possible for your life.

Listen in to this episode to hear more about my thoughts on this and learn a few of my favorite strategies for finding your balance between the two.

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Episode 093: Surviving the Hardest of Days w/ Alexandra Franzen

093: Surviving the Hardest of Days w/ Alexandra Franzen

Life is full of uncertainties, but a few things you can be certain you will face in your lifetime, and one of them is adversity. No one gets through life without facing challenges, and HOW we choose to face those challenges has everything to do with the quality of life we will live. Adversity shapes us, for better or for worse.

My guest on the Grace & Grit podcast today, Alexandra Franzen, just authored an entire book on the subject of adversity and how to rise above the disappointment of things not playing out in the way that we expected.

Alexandra and I covered a lot of ground in this interview, including: how to persevere, why awareness & honesty are so necessary for success, how to stay focused while living in a world of distraction, the power of morning routines and how self-care feeds creativity. This is an episode not to be missed.

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Quitting is tempting. It is easy. It is liberating…for a moment.

034: A Pep Talk for the Days You Want to Quit

Quitting is tempting. It is easy. It is liberating…for a moment.

No one ever does it on a GOOD day.

Nope. You do it on the days that struggle seeps into your flow, and insecurity whispers lies that you will never arrive at your destination. You start to question everything and, worst of all, you fail to remember why started traveling down this road to begin with.

It is on those days that you would do anything for a little more GRIT to keep going, silence the fear, and reclaim your flow.

IT is on the hard days that courage is called out of her lair and reigns supreme…IF you unleash her.

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