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Episode 092: Beating Crohn’s Disease w/ Kristen Boehmer

092: Beating Crohn’s Disease w/ Kristen Boehmer

Now, typically when I schedule podcast interviews, I schedule them based on when my schedule aligns with the schedules of the guest I want to host. There is really no method behind how the podcasts are organized, which makes it extra special when I am able to host a guest like Jenny Carr to discuss inflammation and then immediately host my guest today, Kristen Boehmer, who has an incredible story of triumph in managing a serious disease via diet and lifestyle after medications and surgeries failed her.

Kristen Boehmer is the founder and creator of Living Loving Paleo, and from her own experience, is a true believer that food can be a powerful medicine. Tune into this episode for a serious hit of inspiration.

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011: Why You Should Focus on Healing, Not Weight Loss, to Get Healthy

Most women don’t consider that calorie cutting and exercise are forms of stress. They are great stressors in a system that can handle them, but to be honest most women who are experiencing come form of physiological breakdown are not in the best position to be dealing with MORE stress, they need to unload their stress. In other words, women need to heal their systems BEFORE they add stressors like calorie cutting and cardio. Just as an athlete has to fortify their system to be able to handle the demands of competition, you need to heal your system to be able to handle the demands of things like calorie restriction and aggressive workouts.

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