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Health is a verb.

278: Health is a verb.

You can rock a swimsuit AND not like yourself.
You can have six packs abs AND suffer from dis-ease.
You can be an amazing athlete AND struggle with disordered eating.

Popular media culture loves to push health as a look, but the truth is health is a way of being.

In this week’s episode of the Grace & Grit Podcast, I talk about what it means to embody health and the practices that will help you do just that.

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Permission to Feel (and why it is so very good for your health)

276: Permission to Feel (and why it is so very good for your health)

Humans are really good at glorifying certain emotions and demonizing others, which of course causes us to do things that deplete health rather than fortify it.

How might our health improve if we dropped the labels, accepted all emotion as a normal part of the human experience and even practiced pursuing discomfort on purpose?

That is precisely what I help you to explore in this week’s episode of the Grace & Grit podcast.

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When the data says your "well" but you feel far from it.

275: When the data says you’re “well” but you feel far from it.

I can’t tell you the number of women I have worked with over the years who hired me because they don’t feel well even though their blood profiles and hormone panels say that everything is just fine.

Is it all in their head?

No. There is simply more to the story that they have yet to uncover.

In this episode of the Grace & Grit podcast, I help listeners explore what else might be at play and it’s probably not what you think.

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Self-care is really just basecamp.

274: Self-care is really just basecamp.

YOU are an incredibly unique human expression.

YOU are here to cause, contribute and inspire things in the world in a way that only you can.


It is really freaking hard to be a fully expressed human doing the work she feels called to do in the world when you are living in a constant state of illness, reactivity, frustration, and self-doubt.

Self-care isn’t about fitting into your skinny jeans and feeling Instagram-worthy on your beach vacation. Self-care is what allows you to show up as your most vibrant self so you can do the most important work of your life. It’s the basecamp for the mountain you are really here to summit.

So, in this episode, I explore the basic measure that makes a massive impact on fortifying your chemistry, so you are in the best condition for whatever it is you decide to make this lifetime about.

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Your Weight is NOT the Problem

273: Your Weight is NOT the Problem

Our culture LOVES to focus on “weight loss” as the linchpin to improved health, but that is problematic for so many reasons…

There are a TON of unhealthy ways to lose weight.
It is possible to be thin and metabolically obese.
Your lifestyle habits influence your health more than your weight actually does.

In this episode of the Grace & Grit Podcast, I challenge you to drop the “my weight is the problem” storyline and instead, shift your focus to the real problems.

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Deep Health: A Practice of Expansion

176: Deep Health: A Practice of Expansion

For decades the diet industry has encouraged women to pursue smaller bodies by way of restricting food, which has ultimately, lead to the restriction of so many other things.

Restriction of self-respect.
Restriction of happiness.
Restriction of living life full out.

…until the “weight goal” is achieved.

All this “restriction” is depleting health not fortifying it.

Deep health, which I define extensively in this episode, is created from a place of expansion, not restriction.

Have a listen to this episode to find out more about why I teach expansion to my clients, rather than restriction, as a way to improve health and, if you think it is valuable, share it with another woman who you think could benefit from listening.

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Maintain Your Health Through the Summer With Structure & Flexibility

120: Maintain Your Health This Summer With the Right Dose of Structure & Flexibility

Summer can be a challenging time to stay on track with health promoting behaviors.  Schedules get packed with travel, company, and social events galore and sugar, alcohol, and processed foods…

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13 Simple Tools to Create Massive Change in Your Well-being

058: Thirteen Simple Tools to Create Massive Change in Your Well-Being

It is interesting that we are living at a time when there are more exercise programs and extreme dieting tactics on the market then ever before AND obesity rates and disease is at an all time high.

We have made exercise programming and the simple act of eating SO complicated, that many women have a fierce resistance to getting started.

But here is the truth….

The things that are going to make you healthy are really quite simple. Today’s podcast episode focuses on 13 of the most powerful things I have used to up-level my own health, as well has the health of my clients.

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Redefining Health & Happiness with Sheri Lynn

037: Redefining Health & Happiness w/ Sheri Lynn

I have long believed that successful people tend to ask for help often and much. I meet a lot of women who think hiring a health coach is a sign of weakness (like they should be able to figure it out themselves). Personally, I think asking for help in the areas we are struggling with is courageous and smart…if what you are doing hasn’t been working…asking for help makes a tremendous amount of sense! I have had coaches and mentors for as long as I can remember…I have hired personal trainers, life coaches, business coaches, movement teachers and health coaches. In fact, that is how I came to cross paths with my guest today, Sheri Lynn.

I have known Sheri for well over a decade. Not only was she my own health coach, but she became a professional mentor to me as well. I learned so much from this woman! We have a long history, and I have deep respect for her. It may sound harsh but I have had a bit of a love/hate relationship with her specifically because she is such a remarkable teacher…meaning she holds your hand when you’re having a hard time getting up, and she has no problem holding your feet to the fire when you need a kick in the ass.

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Quitting is tempting. It is easy. It is liberating…for a moment.

034: A Pep Talk for the Days You Want to Quit

Quitting is tempting. It is easy. It is liberating…for a moment.

No one ever does it on a GOOD day.

Nope. You do it on the days that struggle seeps into your flow, and insecurity whispers lies that you will never arrive at your destination. You start to question everything and, worst of all, you fail to remember why started traveling down this road to begin with.

It is on those days that you would do anything for a little more GRIT to keep going, silence the fear, and reclaim your flow.

IT is on the hard days that courage is called out of her lair and reigns supreme…IF you unleash her.

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