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Navigating Your Way Back to Health Smartly

079: Navigating Your Way Back to Health Smartly

It seems we have become a culture of wanting the solution to all of our health woes to be delivered in 1 nice (and cheap) little package and, man, have a lot of people designed products and programs that promise just that.

Look, I get it…

It is easier to have someone tell you exactly what to do all the time: what to eat, how to move, which meditation to do, how much sleep to get, etc. And I am not trying to diminish the tremendous benefit of coaches, trainers, and processes that can make the road to stellar health a bit straighter, but at the end of the day…

The depth of your health is really dependent on the depth of your relationship with YOURSELF.

YOU are the only person who knows if you doing something because it is truly
enhancing your life, or because you are just really comfortable settling into the standards of the circles you travel in.

YOU are the only person who knows if the things you were doing 5 or 10 years ago to elevate your health are in line with this stage of your life.

YOU are the only person who really knows if your body, mind, and soul are being nourished or depleted by your lifestyle choices.

YOU are the only person who knows how happy and fulfilled you truly are.

Over the past decade of coaching women to reclaim their health and happiness, one of the most common obstacles I see women bumping up against is that they chase so much outside perspective on what they should be doing that they forget to go inside and fetch their own insight.

Check out this week’s episode of the Grace & Grit podcast to find out how to start getting reconnected with your own body’s wisdom.

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