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308: Restoring Your Personal Power in 2023

​Power is the root of a lot of the topics I dive into on the Grace & Grit podcast and in my paid programs. I have called it a lot…

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Integrity & Why It Matters to Your Health

235: Integrity & Why It Matters to Your Health

“Integrity pain” is a term I have been using with my students for years to describe the discomfort that comes when your actions are misaligned with what you say it is you want for your life.

In this episode, I do a deep dive into the power of integrity and simple measure you can take to fortify yours.

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Deep Health: A Practice of Integrity

177: Deep Health: A Practice of Integrity

1. the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles
2. the state of being whole and undivided

Women come to work with me NOT because of the extra weight they are carrying or the lack of energy they are experiencing (although they often convince themselves that IS why they are seeking out my help).

The real reason women come to work with me is that they want to get themselves out of what I call integrity pain.

What’s integrity pain? The emotional and physical pain that is a direct result of your actions being misaligned with what it is you say you want for your life.

Getting out of integrity pain requires deep honesty with yourself and a willingness to see yourself as a complete and whole person, not just a body.

And that is a very tall order for many women who have spent years, decades and even a lifetime being indoctrinated by the diet industry.

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Grace & Grit Podcast

013: How to Supercharge Your Health Journey

The benefits of superfoods are being sold to us at every turn. And while I am all for eating the foods that super-charge health, there are some incredibly potent character traits that have the potential to nourish us just as deeply, if not more than, the foods we are hearing so much about.

Absolutely, EAT superfoods, but don’t focus so much on what you are eating that you lose focus on how you are living (or should I say NOT living).

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