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Smart Body Smart Mind w/ Irene Lyon

295: Smart Body Smart Mind w/ Irene Lyon

Irene Lyon has been the most frequent guest on this show… for good reason.

Nervous system health is the basis of EVERYTHING. It doesn’t only impact your health, it impacts every facet of your life including:

=> How you handle setbacks, challenges, and disappointments in your life.
=> If you will go after the things you are really here to cause and contribute.
=> The health of every relationship you will ever have.

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Irene Lyon

270: Smart Body Smart Mind w/ Irene Lyon

I have had Irene Lyon on the Grace & Grit podcast more than any other guest EVER.


Because her work has influenced my life and the life of so many of my students in powerful ways.

She has a gift for helping people tune into the body, listen to its wisdom, and then respond in ways that serve our wellbeing rather than destroy it.

The doors for Irene’s 12-week program, Smart Body Smart Mind opens later this month and in this episode, I share my own experience in the program with the hopes that it will give others the courage to take the leap to register as well.

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Healing the Nervous System & Why It Matters w/ Irene Lyon

260: Healing the Nervous System & Why It Matters w/ Irene Lyon

It would be lovely and oh-so-simple if health was simply a byproduct of nutrition and exercise, but it’s not. Not by a long shot. It is a byproduct of learning how to better manage the things IN your life that act as stressors on your life, because…

Unmanaged stress can massively disrupt the nervous system, which then disrupts our capacity to improve our lives as my guest, Irene Lyon, so beautifully explains.

I have been a longtime fan of Irene’s work around trauma and nervous system health because I have seen it improve the lives of not only of my clients, but I have experienced the incredible healing power of nurturing the nervous system in my own life

In what ways might your health improve if you learned to regulate your nervous system? Check out this episode to find out:)

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