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Big Arms, Big Life with Kourtney Thomas

097: Big Arms, Big Life w/ Kourtney Thomas

A LOT of women come to work with me b/c they want to lose weight, and weight loss can be a powerful initial motivator but it often isn’t weighty enough to carry people into long-term health. So I often ask my clients, WHY do you want to lose weight, and what lies underneath is typically something that speaks to them wanting to live a bigger life. They want more confidence, they want to move more freely, they want more self-respect etc. So you can see that just having a goal of becoming smaller can feel at odds with living bigger.

Well, my guest today, Kourtney Thomas, whose mantra is “Big Arms, Big Life” has a knack for helping women reconcile this type of conflict. In prepping for this interview, I read the following excerpt on Kourtney’s website, which made me all the more excited to interview her today:

“I played small, I stayed small. Eventually, I experimented with embracing bigness physically, and that led to the ability to create a bigger life than I ever imagined. While I did work through what it felt like to take up more physical space, my mindset changed right along with my body, what I really learned was that building big arms was always about more.

It’s not just about the arms, and it never was. It’s about exploring the possibilities. Shedding old stories, and writing new ones. Bigger muscles, absolutely. But really, bigger choices, and bigger voices.”

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