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Why You Drink and How To Stop w/ Veronica Valli

170: Why You Drink and How To Stop w/ Veronica Valli

I am super excited to have with me today, Veronica Valli to talk about something our culture has really normalized to the point that it is nearly impossible to escape, which is, the consumption of ALCOHOL.

Alcohol is everywhere!

When you go out to eat, it is very common to be asked if you want a cocktail.
The media inundates us with ads promoting alcohol.
Nearly every social occasion you are invited to will present you with an opportunity to drink.
Most people associate downtime, fun and relaxing with alcohol.

We are living in an age where we have made the consumption of alcohol SO normal, that many people struggle to drink less because they literally think their life will be less enjoyable without it.

And the craziest thing of all is that it is costing people a lot to drink.

It is costing people their ability to face difficult emotions head-on.

It is costing people their ability to be authentic and real.

For many, it is costing them self-respect, because alcohol is preventing them from improving things in their life they say are important to them, like health and relationships.

In other words, drinking costs a lot in terms of both mental and physical health. Which is precisely why I could not be more excited to have Veronica Valli with me today to talk about why you drink and how to stop.

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The Courageous Act of Improving Your Mental Health w/ Dr. Sarah Sarkis

169: The Courageous Act of Improving Your Mental Health w/ Dr. Sarah Sarkis

Dr. Sarah Sarkis is a psychologist, writer, and performance consultant with a private practice in Honolulu, Hawaii. Her integrated approach is big on science, low on bullshit, empowering her clients to achieve long term change and growth through an eclectic blend of psychology, neurobiology, and functional medicine.

In this interview, we touch on so many points relevant to modern-day mental health, including:

The importance of being emotional flexibility
Learning how to embrace ambiguity
Where to start improving your mental health
The role self-awareness plays in mental health
How to find a great therapist
The danger of avoiding difficult emotions
…and so much more.

Listen in and share your thoughts!

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3 Simple Steps to Manage Your Mental Landscape Daily

168: 3 Simple Steps to Manage Your Mental Landscape Daily

In this episode, I introduce 3 simple steps to help you immediately improve your mental state.

Clear physical and lifestyle clutter
Pause to notice & name your what you are feeling and why you are feeling it.
Choose to feel with intention.
These are strategies I have used for years to help my clients unpack their stress and more consistently honor the needs of their mind, body, and soul.

Have a listen. If you reap value from it, please consider sharing it with another woman who could benefit from listening.

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Modern Day Mental Health

167: Modern Day Mental Health

While we are facing a tremendous amount of physical health challenges in our culture today, mental health is the most pressing issue of our time.

Our ability to prevent, heal and manage modern-day health challenges is heavily influenced by the state of a person’s mind.

If you are serious about cultivating deep health for yourself, you would benefit tremendously by focusing as much attention on your mental health as you do your physical health. Perhaps, even more so.

In this episode of the Grace & Grit podcast, I introduce why I chose this theme and what you CAN do to positively influence the state of your mental health via your lifestyle choices.

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