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The Midlife-Anxiety Connection

317: The Midlife-Anxiety Connection

Anxiety is not the most likeable of human emotions. Most of us would probably rather go our entire life without experiencing it. And yet… it is a part of the…

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The Grace-filled Act of Making Decisions

292: The Grace-filled Act of Making Decisions

The time, energy and other precious resources lost to NOT making decisions in your life can be massive and I don’t know anyone who can afford to lose these types of resources.

Learning to make decisions faster and with more confidence can quite literally change your life.

That’s the conversation we are having on this week’s episode of the Grace & Grit podcast.

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Commitments to Support Your Commitments

291: Commitments to Support Your Commitments

Making a commitment to show up for yourself in a new way can feel exciting at first, but as the weeks pass by and novelty starts to fade, staying faithful to your commitment can start to feel hard. And…

A lot of that hardness is self-induced. Which is great news because it means you have a lot of control over the difficulty you face with any commitment that you make.

Your commitments need commitments:) This is a practice I teach my students to ensure that they stay the course with more consistency and ease.

In this episode, I break this concept down for you and share some of the commitments I encourage my own community members to make in dedication to their own process.

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Introducing (or reintroducing) Strength Training To Your Life

290: Introducing (or reintroducing) Strength Training To Your Life

The benefits of strength training regularly are many, especially for the midlife woman.

And there are a lot of reasons why you may have never built a practice of it or simply strayed from a practice you once had.

In this episode, I remind you of why strength training is so valuable to the human body and how to establish (or reestablish) a practice of it so you can start reaping all those benefits.

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Stepping Into Your Power Years

285: Stepping Into Your Power Years

I have coached hundreds of women as they transition into menopause.

I have interviewed and been mentored by dozens of professionals who specialize in women’s health at midlife.

Heck, I AM a woman in midlife.

All this to say…

I have learned a few things about the menopausal years, most notably perhaps, is that it is both an ending AND a BEGINNING!

And this podcast is dedicated to helping you make the most of that beginning:)

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Dear midlife woman...

279: Dear midlife woman…

A large majority of my clients and Rumble & Rise members are women between the ages of 40-60.

And I absolutely adore working with this population because during these years a woman is often in the throes of managing the most stress while simultaneously enduring the decline of hormones that actually help her to manage stress.

It can be a very frustrating and disorienting time.

It can also be an incredibly liberating and powerful time.

In this episode of the Grace & Grit podcast, I share a love letter to the midlife woman who may be rumbling hard right now. If that’s you, take 10 and listen to this episode.

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