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Customizing Your Journey Back to Health with Mary Miller Brooks

199: Customizing Your Journey Back to Health w/ Mary Miller Brooks

The diet industry is a multibillion-dollar industry that has sold people on the notion that “what works for one person will work for everyone”. And it has failed, miserably.

Wellness is not a cookie-cutter formula that can be applied to every human. In fact, the path that will return a person to a state of well-being is as unique as the individual who is pursuing it.
In this episode of the Grace & Grit Podcast, I have invited my friend and nutritionist extraordinaire, Mary Miller Brooks to the show, to discuss why it is so important to customize the journey back to health.

We cover a lot of ground, discussing things like:
=> gut health
=> thyroid health
=> food mapping
=> sweating as a detox mechanism

…and so much more!

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Living In Alignment With Your Food Philosophy And Why It Matters

198: Living In Alignment With Your Food Philosophy And Why It Matters

​In the age of diet dogma and copious amounts of nutrition information available at your fingertips, I think it is more important than ever to turn inwards and ask yourself what is working for you.

What is your food philosophy and are you living in alignment with it?

Surprisingly, although many women can quickly tell you their food beliefs, they aren’t necessarily living in line with those beliefs.

Check out this episode to get clarity around your own beliefs about food and examine if those beliefs are serving you or not.

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Grace & Grit Podcast: Return to Food

023: Return to Food with Sherry Strong

Return to Food is all about helping you develop a healthy relationship with food, your body and the planet. If you want to feel better, lose weight healthily, gain energy, increase mental clarity, elevate your moods (naturally) so you can fully enjoy life, in as little as 7 days, simply by returning to eating real food. In this awesome podcast interview, Sherry Strong, the author of Return to Food, gives us simple tips and tricks for navigating the path to optimal health with ease and wisdom.

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