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Extinguishing Overwhelm

228: Extinguishing Overwhelm

Overwhelm sucks. It is suffocating and paralyzing.

The good news?

It is also totally optional.

If you are a woman who often uses the word “overwhelmed” to describe how you are feeling, do not miss this episode.

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Learning to Slow Down in a Fast Paced World w/ Christine Hohlbaum

104: Learning to Slow Down in a Fast Paced World w/ Christine Hohlbaum

Last week, in episode 103, I had a great conversation with Brodie Welch, about our addiction to speed, hustle and always doing more and what it is costing us in terms of our health and happiness.

Today’s guest, Christine Hohlbaum helps us expand that conversation by sharing a ton of great tips with us on practical things we can do to adjust the speed and overwhelm of our life and give ourselves more permission to pause.

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Finding the Time to Improve Your Health

071: Finding the Time to Improve Your Health

“I have so much to do.”
“I am so stressed.”
“I don’t have time.”
“I am overwhelmed.”

Do any of those phrases sound familiar?

I hear women using these phrases constantly as rational for why they can’t seem to take better care of themselves more consistently.

And believe me…I get it.

There was a time in my life that these phrases dominated nearly every conversation I had with another person. Until… I realized that I was never going to stop feeling these things unless I learned how to manage my time better

These phrases were robbing me of my ability to be proactive about the things I truly wanted to change in my life. And they are robbing you too.

Feeling overwhelmed, stressed and like you never have time aren’t character flaws, they are time management issues and time management issues can be resolved with clarity, focus, and strategy.

This episode of the Grace & Grit Podcast dives deep into how we can stop rationalizing, compromising and negotiating our best intentions, reclaim our time and dedicate it to the things that matter most to us.

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