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Developing Resilience and Why It Matters

153: Developing Resilience and Why It Matters

If you are creating any kind of meaningful change in your life, you will most certainly be confronted with resistance…many, many times. And when feel resistance, you can hand over the car keys, which will get you nowhere (because resistance wants you to stay exactly where you are). Or…

You can use the fact that you are in the arena with resistance as an opportunity to flex your resilience muscle, which allows you to move forward with the change that you were so intent on making.

In this episode of the Grace & Grit Podcast, I talk about the difference between resistance and resilience and why you would benefit greatly from developing the latter.

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Permission to Evolve w/ Steph Gaudreau

152: Permission to Evolve w/ Steph Gaudreau

I am so honored to have Steph Gaudreau back on the Grace & Grit Podcast to expand the conversation around “Embracing Resistance”, which is the theme on the podcast this month.

I have watched Steph’s business and message spread like wildfire over the past few years, and I know that the growth she has experienced has not come without a fair share of challenges.

In this episode, Steph graciously shares what it took for her to move through resistance along the path to growth, how she gave herself permission to evolve, even when it felt there was a lot at stake, and how she gracefully handles resistance when it shows up in her own health journey.

Lots of good stuff here! Have a listen and share your thoughts.

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Stop Retreating from Resistance and Use It to Expand Your Life w/ Nikki Naab-Levy

151: Stop Retreating from Resistance and Use It to Expand Your Life w/ Nikki Naab-Levy

Resistance is how we fortify our muscle, our bone, and even our brain tissue. Learning how to embrace resistance is also how we learn to expand our lives. Resistance, both emotional and physical, can literally forge us into more capable and resilient human beings IF we are willing to lean into it rather than making a habit of retreating from it.

In this episode, I have the honor of interviewing strength coach and fellow podcaster Nikki Naab-Levy and we discuss all things “resistance”, including:

> How she shows up for herself despite resistance being present.
> How resistance training improved her life.
> How to approach resistance training safely.
> How to trust your body again after you have been injured.

And so much more!

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Using Resistance to Your Advantage

150: Using Resistance to Your Advantage

In order to improve your life, one thing is for certain, you are going to have to do some things differently than you have in the past, which will feel challenging. And, where there is challenge, there is resistance.

What if you could use resistance to enhance your life rather than deplete it? What if you see resistance as something that lights the way, rather than something that prevents you from moving forward?

Well, you can and you should.

In this episode of the Grace & Grit Podcast, I will tell you how you can and why you should learn to embrace resistance. Have a listen and share your thoughts.

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Motivation: An Inside Job

072: Motivation: An Inside Job

So often we embark on a change process because we get a hit of motivation so strong we feel compelled to take action… for a while.

A few days, weeks or months pass, and, well…you know the drill… the spark that ignited our action starts to flicker out and resistance starts to rear her ugly head.

We start descending the slippery slope of compromise and negotiation because we often fail to feed the motivational fire.

As a coach, I can give my clients tools to uncover the driving force behind their desire to change. I can educate them. I can support them. I can even toss them crumbs of inspiration. What I can’t do, I have learned after many years, is motivate them, because motivation is their work not mine. Motivation is an inside job.

In this episode of the Grace & Grit podcast, I go a bit deeper into why I believe motivation is an inside job and deliver a few strategies that may help you to fuel your own motivational fire.

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Conquering Resistance Around Exercise

048: Conquering Resistance Around Exercise

Many women have a tremendous amount of resistance around exercising regularly, and I think there are two primary reasons for this:

#1: The diet and fitness culture has made exercise VERY difficult to navigate
#2: Many women solely exercise as a way to maintain or lose weight.

What if you started viewing exercise as a way of respecting your body’s nutritional needs rather than as a way to force your body into submission?

This episode of the podcast introduces the reasons we should really be giving our body a healthy dose of movement nutrition every single day and offers strategies for conquering the resistance you may have around it.

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