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The Antidote to Self-Doubt

296: The Antidote to Self-Doubt

It is bound to happen.

You are going to have a day, probably many, along the path to moving your life to higher ground where self-doubt creeps in and you convince yourself that you aren’t making progress.

And, in that moment…

I hope you will extend yourself the grace of pausing and asking yourself the questions I suggest in this podcast.

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10 Q's to Design a Year to Remember

193: 10 Q’s to Design a Year to Remember

How do you design a year to remember?

You ask yourself great questions, of course, so you can get clarity on where you are headed and how specifically you are going to get there.

In this episode of the Grace & Grit Podcast, I give you 10 very specific questions to ask yourself as you head into a new year so you achieve all of your goals and more!

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The Courageous Act of Improving Your Mental Health w/ Dr. Sarah Sarkis

169: The Courageous Act of Improving Your Mental Health w/ Dr. Sarah Sarkis

Dr. Sarah Sarkis is a psychologist, writer, and performance consultant with a private practice in Honolulu, Hawaii. Her integrated approach is big on science, low on bullshit, empowering her clients to achieve long term change and growth through an eclectic blend of psychology, neurobiology, and functional medicine.

In this interview, we touch on so many points relevant to modern-day mental health, including:

The importance of being emotional flexibility
Learning how to embrace ambiguity
Where to start improving your mental health
The role self-awareness plays in mental health
How to find a great therapist
The danger of avoiding difficult emotions
…and so much more.

Listen in and share your thoughts!

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Disciplined Actions That Will Supercharge Your Life

165: Disciplined Actions That Will Supercharge Your Life

There are 4 primary practices that I teach all of my clients to ensure that they make progress towards their goals.

Follow Through

These 4 practices can be applied to any area of your life to supercharge it.

So, if you are looking for ways to supercharge your life in any way, do not miss this episode!

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Shifting Your Focus from Arriving to Becoming

160: Shifting Your Focus from Arriving to Becoming

This month on the podcast we are talking about what means to be self-directed along your health journey and the 6 pillars that make-up powerful self-leadership.

Last week we did a deep dive into the most foundational pillar, which is self-respect and on this episode, I talk about self-awareness and self-development. Plus I dish out some tips for improving both of these areas with more ease and grace.

I also interview a client of mine at the end of this episode who shares her insight on what it is like to work with me. 🙂

Have a listen. Share your thoughts and send this to a woman who may benefit from hearing it!

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Truce with Food® w/ Ali Shapiro

126: Truce with Food® w/ Ali Shapiro

I just adore this conversation that I had with Ali Shapiro about the process of healing, redefining health, and making a truce with food. Ali is a very bright light helping to lead women out of diet dogma and back to themselves.

In this episode, Ali and I discuss:

• Option C, which is giving yourself permission to get to know yourself and how you relate to the world around you.
• Self-criticism vs Self-awareness
• The cost of relying on the outside world to heal you.
• What it means to have agency with your body
… and so much more!

Have a listen and let me know your thoughts!

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