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The Gifts of Sobriety w/ Veronica Valli

267: The Gifts of Sobriety w/ Veronica Valli

I talk a lot in my work about the concept of Buffering, which is when we try to change our emotional landscape with something outside of us.

We feel lonely so we eat.
We feel bored so we scroll social media.
We are stressed or uncomfortable so we drink.

The problem with buffering is two-fold:
It distracts us from the truth of our life.
It has long-term consequences.

Buffering with alcohol has some unique consequences I believe for the perimenopausal and menopausal populations, which is the age group I primarily work with.

So I could not be more thrilled to be hosting Veronica Valli on the podcast.

Veronica Valli is changing the narrative on sobriety. With 21 years of sobriety and 19 years of experience as a recovery coach and psychotherapist, she understands that there is no ONE path to sobriety.

I adore Veronica, her message, and her mission and I am excited for you to tune into this conversation that we recently had.

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