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Introducing (or reintroducing) Strength Training To Your Life

290: Introducing (or reintroducing) Strength Training To Your Life

The benefits of strength training regularly are many, especially for the midlife woman.

And there are a lot of reasons why you may have never built a practice of it or simply strayed from a practice you once had.

In this episode, I remind you of why strength training is so valuable to the human body and how to establish (or reestablish) a practice of it so you can start reaping all those benefits.

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Strength Training 101

101: Strength Training 101

This day in age, there is no shortage of studies showing us how powerful strength training is for optimizing human health and performance. And, yet, many women still have fierce resistance to making it a regular part of their life.

I get it.

It can be overwhelming, intimidating and even a bit scary to step into an arena that you may not be all that familiar with or have had a bad experience in.

If you are a woman who understands the importance of strength training but has some fear or resistance that is preventing you from engaging with it consistently, today’s episode of the Grace & Grit podcast is for YOU.

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Episode 094: Lift Like a Girl w/ Nia Shanks

094: Lift Like a Girl w/ Nia Shanks

I have been a fan of Nia Shank’s for a very long time and she has been a champion among an army of women who’s message inspires the work that I do as a health coach, trainer and host of this podcast. If you go to Nia’s website, and I strongly suggest you do, you will see that she introduces herself as a coach and a writer who shares health and fitness information that doesn’t suck.

Not only does the information she deliver not suck, it is helpful, real and goes against the grain of what the mainstream diet and fitness industry are feeding women. And frankly, I think we need a lot more of the type of information that Nia delivers in the world.

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Strengthening Body & Mind Through Movement w/ Kirsty Grosart

075: Strengthening Body & Mind Through Movement w/ Kirsty Grosart

The Grace & Grit podcast is one of the small ways I feel I can contribute to helping mend the fabric of the collective female health story. One of the topics, I feel passionate in regards to this, is educating women about how to utilize strength training and movement practices to empower the relationship they have WITH their body. So, I am always on the hunt for guests who have missions aligned with that.

Kirsty Grosart is an amazing woman, teacher and mover who helps others expand their movement possibilities far outside the scope of the traditional “fitness” industry.

In this episode, we talk about Kristy’s personal transition from competitive athlete to teacher, mindset strategies she uses on the hardest of days, how movement has elevated the level of respect she shows her body and how to build more strength, flexibility, body awareness and control.

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Breaking the Mold w/ Stephanie Gaudreau

068: Breaking the Mold w/ Stephanie Gaudreau

I am so deeply humbled by the caliber of women who have agreed to be on the Grace & Grit podcast over the past year, and today is certainly no exception. I have been following Stephanie Gaudreau’s career since early 2013 and have been cheering her on from afar ever since. I respect her as a business woman, a women’s health advocate and as a every day woman who isn’t shy about sharing her own personal struggles with food, exercise and body image to help and inspire others.

Stephanie has a wildly popular website that I personally refer to and refer many of my clients to on a regular basis, called Stupid Easy Paleo. And while Stephanie provides amazing ideas for making healthy eating simple and sustainable via her recipes and cookbooks, what I admire about her extends far beyond her nutritional knowledge and artistry around food. I see Stephanie as a woman who is leading from the front the mission of helping women to mend their relationship with their body, mind and soul. Listen to this episode to discover why.

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Expanding the Definition of Health w/ Krista Scott Dixon

067: Expanding the Definition of Health w/ Krista Scott Dixon

The health and wellness industry is the ONLY profession I have ever known, because, quite frankly, I love it that much. I have been inspired and educated by some incredibly remarkable women over my career (many of whom have been featured as guests on this show) and today I have the privilege of hosting someone who I absolutely would call one of my role models, Krista Scott Dixon.

Krista has her PHD in Women’s Studies, has been teaching and coaching for more than 20 years, she has authored several books, she is widely published in academic and popular journals and is currently the director of curriculum for Precision Nutrition.

She is not shy about sharing her own personal struggles with food, body image and the like. She is a self-described formerly un-athletic person who eventually took on things like grappling and Judo along the path to deep health. Krista’s website,, has inspired thousands of women to forge a better relationship with strength training, food and body image.

This episode is jam packed with juicy insight, powerful tips and a hefty dose of inspiration.

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Strength Training: The Secret to Metabolic Power

029: Strength Training: The Secret to Metabolic Power

With all that science has taught us about the metabolic power of muscle, I still meet women daily who think the best route to a healthy lean body is doing copious amounts of cardio combined with extremely low-calorie dieting. These same women are often very reluctant to strength train for fear of becoming “too bulky”.

The truth is, muscle mass isn’t all that easy to gain, ladies. To end the madness that the diet culture has perpetuated for far too many years and to improve our relationship with our body, we must change our perceptions of WHY we exercise. What if more women viewed exercise as a means to be more, rather than a never-ending struggle to be less?

Strength training can help with that…and so much more.

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