Taking responsibility for what you need.


This past weekend, my husband and I had the awesome opportunity to travel to Park City, UT to attend a performance driving school offered by Ford Motor Company.

They gave us a car to use for the day, loads of instruction, they set up a bunch of different courses and basically told us to “drive the car like we stole it”.

Being the driver was exhilarating.

Being the passenger when it was my husband’s turn to drive was absolutely terrifying.

So, in the final course (which was a race to see who out of our group could get the fastest time), I asked to be let out of the car when it was my husband’s turn to drive.

I did this because I wanted to protect my nervous system (and quite frankly, our marriage). Also, because I wanted him to have the experience of “driving like he stole the car”. I mean, how often does THAT opportunity come around in a lifetime?

He ended up winning the race and I was in a great position to celebrate with him.

Asking for what I needed was a win for everyone involved!

Had I NOT asked for what I needed and stayed in the car, the experience would have turned out very differently. I would have been a mess in the car, and it would have, undoubtedly, affected my husband’s driving and the health of our marriage would have taken a hit.

I work with women every day who struggle to take a stand for what they truly need.

  • They say yes when they really want to say no, so they end up with overloaded schedules.
  • They compromise their own values and priority in an effort to not make others uncomfortable, so they end up doing a lot of things that pull them out of integrity with themselves.
  • They don’t set boundaries out of fear that other people won’t like them, but the cost of that is that they end up not liking themselves. Gah!

What if taking responsibility for what you need to be a healthy and fully expressed human was the gateway to less overwhelm, more integrity, and stronger relationships?

I believe it is.

I don’t know where in your life you are compromising what you truly need to be the best version of yourself, but I do want to offer that taking a stand for what you need to be that version will make your world and THE world… much better places to be:)

Taking responsibility for what you need.

you incredible human.

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